Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 98: Lifting senior citizens! - June 29, 2015

A picture of my zone with President and Sister Farnes, and an area 70 (we had a meeting with him last week, it was good.

Hey everybody!!

So, its been a good week for us this week. Unfortunately, we werent able to baptize, but we have some good people lined up for the next 2 weeks. Some information:

Jaqueline, Monica, Lucinea: (Jeffersons family) They freaking love us. They made us lunch this Sunday, and theyre starting to get a lot more interested. Its going a bit slow with them, just because theyve been such firm Catholics for so long, but they are progressing. Lucinea, Jefersons mom, even said that she wants us to teach her husband so that the whole family can go to church together. Yay!!

Guilherme (new!): A referral from another part of Sorocaba. Hes been dating a member there, and hes already gone to church 3 times. Hes a bit shy, but very direct. We invited him to be baptized, and with one word, ("Tá"), he accepted to be baptized this weekend! So, we'll keep on working with him.

Juliana (new!): A 20 year old girl that has a ton of interest. She reads everything that we give her, and she is absorbing info like crazy. The only problem is that she went to church with her boyfriend...who is almost 60 years old. So, that was a bit odd. But, she has a date for this weekend, and her man-friend, Aginaldo, seemed to like it. So, we'll see where that goes.

Other notes:

Next week, we're going to the temple!! So, dont freak out because Im going to write you all an email on Tuesday instead of Monday!!

About the subject line: As we were walking one day, a lady called us over to her house to help her. She was a home-care nurse (I think thats what thats called), and the 90 year old woman that she was taking care of fell out of her bed (I thought they had rails for that?), so my comp and I had to dead lift her back into her bed. That was an interesting experience. I hope that, when I get that old, nobody has to manhandle me as much as we had to manhandle her. That was weird.

My goodness, we are getting close to the end. Next Tuesday will be the last email that I send to all of you. So...we're almost at the end.

Thanks for everything! Love you all!! Tchau!!

Élder Youd

And heres a pic of the lunch that Jefersons family made for us!

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