Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 90: Welcome to São Roque!! - May 4, 2015

Hey everybody!!

I am writing this from my new area, São Roque! Actually, my new area is technically a little city called Mairinque, which is right next to São Roque, but Im part of the São Roque ward. And so far, I AM LOVING THIS AREA. This is good, because it is incredibly likely that this is the last area that I will serve in my mission. Im already creating a really good relationship with the ward, and so far, they are loving me too (I already have 2 dinners marked for the last week of my mission.) I am here with Elder Grover. Hes a newer American from Utah, with a little more than 6 months on the mission. He has the ticks that every newer American (including myself) has at the beginning of the mission, and its actually kinda funny to see someone that, in a lot of ways, reminds me of myself when I started this crazy journey. I think this is the first time that I realize that Ive actually changed a lot here. Not in a I-changed-my-whole-personality way, but more in the little things that add up. But, we're actually getting along well, so its gonna be a good transfer. Im also living with Elder Stott, a newer American as well (I was actually his Zone Leader at the beginning of his mission, hes super fun and a giant hipster), and Elder Carvajal, a Chilean missionary with 10 months on the mission, who is super chill and understands English perfectly. So, its a super fun transfer.
Top investigators (all new!!)

Cícera: We have a date marked for Cícera for the 17th, which is super firm. We just have to help her with a few little things, and she should be an easy baptism. Shes 24 years old, has a kid, and just wants Christ more in her life.

Josani, Camila: 2 teenage girls that went to church this week. They both are good, although Camila has to get married before baptism, seeing as shes living with her boyfriend.

Ana Paula: A 20 year old girl that has finally decided to get baptized this weekend. She just wasnt understanding the connection between the Restoration and baptism. But, she'll be baptized this weekend.

Other notes:

Fun fact: São Roque is a city famous for its vineyards, so we drink a lot of grape juice. I like grape juice.

I get to talk to my family this weekend! LAST CALL OF THE MISSION!! AAAHHH!!! Family, just an idea, I'll likely be on to talk to all of you around 4:00my time, which is 2:00 Missouri time. We're gonna be having lunch with the family (who is super cool), so I think that everything should be fine. Is that fine with all of you?

Im distracted in this LAN House. Theyre playing Queen's greatest hits.

Im at 72 days left, which is cray-cray.

And I'll keep this letter short to send more pics of me saying goodbye to friends and family in Itú! Love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Youd

And me and Pedro.

Me with Haroldo and his family.

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