Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 83: And the transfers are in again! Only 3 more of these! - March 16, 2015

Hey everybody!!

So, its been a really light week for us this week. Elder Carr got a
super bad flu, so weve been working when hes been able to do stuff.
Which wasnt much, because he kept on doing sick people stuff, like
puking and other sick person stuff that I wont put here. But, alas, we
still have some good stuff going. Such as:

Ana: Shes been an investigator for a while now. Like, months and
months, before I got here. She was going to church every week, but
wasnt able to get baptized because her husband refused to marry her
(hes a VERY angry Atheist that doesnt believe in marriage.) But, this
past month her husband sadly left her for another woman, leaving Ana
in shambles. Weve been waiting until he moved out officially, as to
avoid any sort of situation, but now that things are calmer, we went
to her this week. We had an incredibly powerful lesson with her,
showing the curing power that the Atonement has in peoples personal
lives, and how through the ordinances and principles of the Gospel,
that she can have comfort through this devastating time of separation.
And, she wants to be baptized! She has plans to be baptized this
Thursday, so please pray for Ana!!

Luciana, Mary: Are reading the Book of Mormon and asking good
questions. Still havent gone to church because of Diogos work
schedule, but we're getting progress with them, so it should be good.

Other notes:

The transfers came in! Elder Carr is going to be transferred to a
place called Caripicuiba, and Im going to stay here one more transfer,
with an Elder Farias, from Maceió! Weve actually already done
divisions together, and hes a super nice and easy-going guy, so it
should be a good, fun transfer! Itll likely be my last transfer here
in Itú, and then Ill go to my last area for 11 weeks, and then Im
home!!!!! :D

Listen to the voice message for my list of American things that I
experienced this week. It was a weirdly American-ish week.

Alright, thanks for everything! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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