Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 88- The Last 12 Weeks - April 20, 2015

Hey everybody!!

Its interesting, when you start working as a missionary in the field, you go through a training program called "the first 12 Weeks." And Im officially in the last 12 weeks of my mission. So, of course Im not getting trunky or anything, but, we're getting close :)

Its been a pretty busy week for us this week. Weve been working a lot, and although we didnt baptize anybody this week, we have a ton of potential baptisms lined up for this week, such as-

Lindaura- A sweet old lady, and the neighbor of a member. Shes gone to church a couple times, and yesterday she said, "Im so happy, Elders! Im here, and Im going to get baptized here!" So, well help her prepare for this weekend.

Mariana, Bianca- 2 teenage girls, one of which is the granddaughter of a member. they went to church last week and LOVED it. they both want to be baptized as soon as possible, but the only difficulty is that their parents arent so hot about that idea. So we'll see what we can do.

Shirley- the newlywed wife of a member thats returning to church, Cido. Shes gone to church a bunch in another ward, and just started coming here. So, we think that she should be cool.

Other notes-

We also were able to reactivate a woman this week, Elizabeth. She had left the church a few years ago because of doctrinal disagreeances (I dont know if disagreeance is a word), but when we visited her, she said that she had been missing something in her life, but didnt know what it was. So, she decided to come back to church, and shes loving it! Yay for reactivation!! :D

Alright, I think thats it for me this week! thanks for all the love and support everybody! Have a great week! 86 days!!!

Elder Youd

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