Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 84: The 3-baptism week of a crazy transfer!! - March 23, 2015

Hey everybody!!

So, as the subject states, we have had a very successful first week of this transfer, including...3 baptisms!!! I dont think Ive explained about any of these people before, because they were all surprises, so here they are:

Ana: Shes been an investigator for a long, long time. (NOw I remember that Ive talked about her before.) So yeah, she was baptized on Thursday, confirmed on Sunday. It was super super good!!

Elder Farias, Ana & me.

Nilton: A friend of Etevaldo, the older man that Elder Carr and I baptized. Etevaldo had brought him to church in the past, wanting to help him out. ANd this week, he finally decided to stop drinking! Hes been sober for about a week now, and we baptized him on Sunday! It was a very special experience, and he was happy. Actually, when we invited him to be baptized this Sunday, he said, "Eh, well I guess IM trying to stop drinking, so...yeah, that sounds about right to me. Thats fine." Very casual, but still the right answer!

The picture is fuzzy, but from left to right, its Elder Farias, Silvana, Nilton, and me.

Silvana: We found Silvana this week, on Thursday. Until a few months ago, she had been going to church for a few months, but just was afraid to be baptized. But, this week we found her, had a super spritual lesson with her, and she finally accepted baptism as Gods will for her, so she was baptized on Sunday night with Nilton!! Miracle!!

Other notes:
We had 8 people come to church this week. ALso, we were back in our own ward this week!! Our trainings are finally over! We gave a training in Itú this week, and it went really well. And now, its back to work as normal! FINALLY! But, it was a really good experience to do these trainings, and to see everybody's point of view on how to make the work of the Lord be more effective.

Alright, Ill send some pics of the baptisms!! (Sorry about one of the pictures, the person that took the picture of us doesnt know how to hold a camera still, so its kinda fuzzy. But its teh baptism that counts, right?)

Alright, thanks for everything! Love you all!! Have a great week!

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