Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 86: Marriage - April 6, 2015

Hey everybody!!!!

So, its been such a crazy week for us this week!! We've been dealing
with a bunch of things, from General Conference, to a crazy big
integration night, to 2 baptisms, so I didnt know exactly what subject
I should have used. So, I'll explain my subject in a bit (although
some of you likely know why :P)

Top investigators (and baptisms):

Haroldo (new!): Well, he was baptized this week. He was honestly
likely my most elect baptism that Ive had on my mission until now.
Every other baptism that Ive had on my mission, Ive had to solve some
sort of problem, be it doubts, lack of time, or sickness, or
addictions. Not with Haroldo. I used most of my voicemail to explain
his story, but hes the husband of a member who is returning to church,
and now hes baptized! In one week, he got super integrated, learned
everything, and was baptized!!! It was awesome!

Luciano: Was also baptized this week! We baptized him and Haroldo
together on Easter afternoon. Luciano was worried about falling and
messing up again, but now hes determined to stay firm, and is even
thinking about serving a mission! Super cool!!

Flavio: Luciano's friend. He is looking for something truer than where
he is going right now, and hes progressing really well. We just have
to help him get married to his girlfriend, Naiani. But, it should be a
good baptism.

Other notes:

We had a giant ward integration night on Thursday, which we called the
"Pascoatividade", or "EasterActivity" (its Portuguese wordplay, I
promise that its clever. Itd be "Páscoa Atividade", but we combined
the words. I felt like I had to explain that. Jokes are less funny
when theyre translated.) We had over 60 people there of all shapes and
sizes, and everybody loved it, including Haroldo and his wife, Bruna,
and Luciano!

And, we had General Conference this weekend!! I wasnt able to listen
to all of it (we kinda had our hands full with a bunch of stuff, and
the internet connection was bad for our English room), but I loved
what I heard! In particular, there were a TON of talks about marriage.
My goodness, it was just one marriage talk after the other. So, that
involuntarily entered into my mind ;)

And, on trunky notes, today marks that I have 100 days left!! So,
we're entering into double digits! Its crazy how fast the end of my
mission is going by, but Im trying to make the best of it (thus why Im
still baptizing :D) And, Ill send some good pics this week!

Alright, thanks for everything! Love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Youd

The announcement that we had for our ward integration night!

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