Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 85: Raindrops keep falling on my head, and because of that I wont go to church today - March 30, 2015

Hey everybody!!

So, this week was a little bit tougher for us. We did everything that we could to help people, but in the end, everybody bailed out on going to church with us. It unexpectedly started raining on Sunday morning, and because of that, nobody wanted to go to church with us. Even though we were with a ride for them, so theyd only have to be in the rain for, like, 5 seconds. But, we'll get them this week!!! Here are some basic things about our top investigators:
Alex: Hes still a bit hesitant to get baptized (hes more afraid of what his family will think if he gets baptized), but he passed the baptismal interview and accepted a date for this weekend. So we'll work with him and see what happens.

Eduardo, Ninja, Kelly: Yes, the father of Eduardo calls himself Ninja. They are actually a pretty receptive family. So we'll keep on working with them. I mostly just wanted to include this because the father refers to himself as Ninja. Hes 40 years old.

Luciano: Stopped drinking, stopped smoking, but hes still afraid to be baptized and then mess up afterwards. So, we'll help him this week as well.

Marcelo (new!): The husband of a member, and co-worker of somebody thats now a mission president. Hes afraid to accept a date, but hes super receptive and super rich, so we'll work with him. And, he has an Old English Sheepdog, which is awesome!!!!! :D

Other notes:

This week is General Conference!! Im super excited to hear the words of living apostles and prophet! Its gonna be awesome!! (This Saturday and Sunday, I dont remember what times theyll be at in the US.)

Alright, thanks for everything! I hope that all of you have a great week! Love you!!!

Elder Youd

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