Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 82: Sweet Chili Doritos - March 9, 2015

(Sweet Chili Doritos have become my new obsession, and I can only find
them at the bus station on the other side of Itú. Lets just say that
weve been using the bus a lot this week. THeyre so good.)

Hey everybody!!

(Sorry, this week will have no pictures, nor voice recordings. Im
using a computer thats going through a lot of malfunctions, so I dont
want to take the risk. Dont worry, the voicemail didnt have anything
interesting on it. Just me rambling.)

So its been a pretty uneventful-but-good week for me here in Itú!!
WEve been working to try and find some new investigators, this week
with nobody that has a ton of interest. (Its easy to find new people
that are willing to accept your message, but its harder to find
someone thats active enough to keep commitments.) So, heres the top

Alex: Hes just afraid of getting baptized right now because he doesnt
know if he wants to commit to keep the commandments. Which is silly,
because hes already keeping the commandments. He just doesnt want to
put a name on it. Hes still reading and praying, but we dont know
exactly why hes acting so silly. We'll keep on working with him.

Luciana, Mary, Diogo: We finally talked to this whole family, and
theyre really good. Theyre looking for more peace and unity in their
family, so we're giving them some tools for them to become happier.
THe only difficulty is that Diogo works a lot, so its hard to find and
teach them together, which will be key in helping them. But, here we

Other notes:

Congrats to my brother, Jon, on getting engaged!!! That is awesome!!

These emails will be shorter today. We're gonna go to the mall on the
other side of Itú! Its super fancy, so if possible I'll take some

Alright, thanks for all your love and support! Love you all!!!

Elder Youd

Our Leadership Council with President and Sister Farnes

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