Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 93: Finally, we're back to baptizing!! - May 25, 2015

Hey everybody!!

So, its been a pretty great week here. We worked hard, had some good stories, and above all...WE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!! FINALLY!!! It took a good month to get any work really rocking and rolling here, but we were blessed to help Sonia get baptized this week. I'll talk more on that now. Top investigators!!

Sonia: So, we started talking to Sonia, the mother of a member here. WE started talking to her about baptism, and at first, she was a bit hesitant. But, she wasnt really that hesitant. She said, "I do really love the church, but I feel like I should wait a bit of time to get baptized, right?" "Oh, but what you really want is to follow God, right?" "Thats true." "So, to follow God, you need to be baptized." "So when can I be baptized?" So, we had her service this sunday. It really was a beautiful service, and she and her kid were super happy about it all. So, baptism!!!!

Rafael: Was interviewed and passed this week; however, he just wants to make sure that his father at least knows about his baptism before he gets baptism. He's marked for this weekend.

Paulo: Our only obstacle to get Paulo baptized will be to get his mom to support him. She's a less active member that felt like her life got tougher after baptism (because she had to promise to God to live the commandments, and now she feels more guilty when she breaks commandments.) But, we were able to get her to church this week, and she felt pretty welcome there. So, we'll see what we can do.

Jozaynne: Cut us this week. So that wasnt so fun.

Cícera: Has kind of stopped wanting to talk to us, seeing as she has gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend. She says that we dont understand her situation because we're men and she's a woman. So, we'll send a couple sisters from the Relief Society to talk to her this week, as a last attempt.

Other notes:

Tomorrow I will officially pass the 50-days-until-Im-home mark. For those of you that are worried if Im trunky, dont be too worried. The end of my mission has given me an energy boost, and my comp and I are working our buns off. However, yes, I am excited to see all of you here in a few weeks! (After this email, I'll likely send only 6-7 more.)

Speaking of which, remember that first Sunday when Im home, July 19, I'll be speaking at church, and all of you should come to talk to me and see me! I wont be in Missouri for a terribly long time, so take advantage of it!!

Quirky fun fact about this area: There are a bunch of random X-Ray readings laying around in the streets. In the past 2 weeks, we have found 5 different X-ray pictures randomly. Next week, Ill take pics of our discoveries.

Alright everybody! Thanks for all the help and support! I'll try to send some pics! Love you all!!

Elder Youd

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