Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 94: Well, I wasn't expecting that - June 1, 2015

Hey everybody!!

So, its been a really good and crazy week here in São Roque. And, as the subject of the email goes, it will be my last week in São Roque. Thats right, after only a month of being here, I am being transferred again, for the last transfer of my mission. But, more on that later. Heres the story of the baptism we had this week!!! (2nd week in a row!!)

Lurdes: So, after quite the fight, we were able to help Lurdes stop smoking. She was interviwed on Friday, and was passed to be baptized; however, she was stressed and said that she felt too angry at her life to accept baptism. The other Elders (I wasnt there on Friday) tried to help her, but she wouldnt accept it. So, we went back on Saturday...I think I may be too old on the mission, because I have officially gotten to the point where I have lost all patience for this type of flakiness. We came in, I acted super excited that she passed the interview, and then she said, "I already told the other Elder that Im not going to be baptized this weekend. Im too angry." Normally, I would have talked about some sort of doctrine to help her out, but I just said, "Of course youre gonna be baptized this weekend. We filled up the baptismal font, we have your baptismal service ready, and the ward already knows. Of course youre gonna be baptized." To which she (surprisingly) responded, "Youre stubborn, arent you?" "Yes, sister." "Alright, I'll be baptized tomorrow." And, she was!! She didnt bend her knees during the baptism, and so I almost fell in the water with her while baptizing her, but all in all, it was good.

And, thatll be my last baptism in São Roque. We got our transfers cal yesterday, and it appears that I am going to be transferred inside of the zone. I am going to be a Zone Leader (again) in Barcelona, opening up the area with Elder Da Silva, from Recife. I already know him. Hes like, the nicest human being in existence, and hes a musical genius, so we're gonna have a really fun transfer!!

Also, just to remind you all (hint hint), its my birthday next week!! Next Tuesday, I'll be turning 21, which is super weird. It does not feel like its been a whole year since my last birthday. Time is going by super fast! Its super weird that this is my last transfer on the mission. So, I'm gonna do everything I can to take full advantage of it!!

Alright, thanks for all of your love and support! Here we go for one more transfer! I'll send you all the baptismal pics from the last 2 weeks! Love you all!! 44 days! Tchau!!

Elder Youd

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