Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 87: After 87 of these, its getting hard to come up with original titles - April 13, 2015

Yeah...Ive been writing these emails for a long time. Im sorry, I'll only have to come up with 13 more of these subject lines.

Hey everybody!!

So, its been an alright week for us this week. Unfortunately, our baptisms fell through at the last moment (more later on that), but weve got some really good things going for us here in Itú. Here are the top investigators:

Eduardo- We were SO close to baptizing Eduardo this week. We talked to his parents, took away all of their doubts, and helped them feel comfortable with their kid being baptized. Just that, on Sunday morning, they told us, "We cant make it to church today, we have a last minute thing. But we can still do the baptism tonight!" BUt, when the night came, his mom said that she wanted to know the church just a bit better first. So, she's gonna come to our integration night on Thursday just to get to know the church  a bit better, and his baptism will be on Sunday.

Dode- ALso was almost baptized. He was progressing really well, and on saturday, he went to a Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ that usually involves a lot of beer) and didnt drink a thing. But, on Sunday morning he disappeared. So, we'll see what we can do this week. His friend, Luciano, also did the same thing the week of his baptism, and he was baptized, so we'll be fine!!

Other notes:

We had a ton of referrals come to church this week. And all of them commented with us how much they loved the church and how they want to know more about it. So, we could have a bunch of baptisms this week of people that youve never heard of before. We'll see what happens!

And my super duper elect baptism, Haroldo, was confirmed this week. But, not just confirmed. He already came to church with a white shirt and tie!! So, hes doing awesome as usual.

Alright, thanks for everything!! 93 days! Love you all!!

Elder Youd

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