Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 45: The miracles that come when you least expect them

Hey everybody!

This weeks been a great week here in Julio de Mesquita! Its been a long transfer with little success, but this week were finally reaping the fruits of our labors!!! Weve got some great progress, AND we will have 2 baptisms this weekend! Top investigators:

Gabriela and Oliver (new!)- A 15 year old girl and her 9 year old brother. Their whole family are members (strangely, their mom is cousins to Allini, wife of Joelson, who I baptized!) Theyve always gone to church, but their dad (non member) never let them be baptized. But their Dad isnt a part of their lives anymore, so they are ready as can be to be baptized! They went to church this week, are ready to live all of the commandments, and theyll be interviewed this Tuesday to be baptized on Saturday. Miracles!!

Anderson- Hes stopped smoking, which is super good. We talked to him on Saturday, and he accepted to be interviewed next saturday for baptism. We dont know if he will pass the interview or not, but we have hope that he can be baptized soon, for he really wants to be baptized.

Valquiria- Shes been praying, but she still hasnt recognized that shes received an answer from God (she knows simply that the Book of Mormon is true, but hasnt connected that to a confirmation.) But she said that, when she knows that this is true, that she will be baptized! Its nuts, so many people are ready to be baptized now!!! Miracles!

Other notes:

Elder Marques, an elder that lives with us, hurt his leg this week. It appears to be a ligament problem, but he will go to the doctor. But its been a relaxing week for him and Elder Ladwig.

The World Cup continues to rule the world right now. So. Much. Soccer. On the bright side, the United States is actually doing pretty well! We won against Ghana, and we tied against Portugal, who had the "best player in the world", Cristiano Ronaldo, sending them home! We just have to do decent against Germany, and well classify!!

Last week was our last meeting with President Martins. He cried, we all felt good about life, and he is going home this Friday, switching with our new mission president, Presidente Farnes, from Bountiful Utah. So we are all super excited to see what happens.

Alright, everybody, thats it for me! I know that this church is true, that it is led by a living prophet, and that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and Savior! I hope that you all remember that! Love you all!

Elder Youd

PS- Yesterday was my sister Brettes birthday! I was talking to Gabriela and Oliver yesterday, and I said that I had a birthday a few weeks ago, and Oliver said, "Para-bens atrasado!" or "Delayed congrats!" I say the same to my sister! Para-bens atrasado!
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