Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 46: Batismos de Gabriela e Oliver!!!

So, as you may have guessed (and possibly seen on Facebook?), we had 2 baptisms this week! It all worked out incredibly smoothly (strangely smooth, generally baptisms are maximum stress-outs), and the service was super nice! Details and of other investigators:

Gabriela, Oliver: So yeah, we had the interviews this week for them. Aside from Oliver asking if he could continue playing Grand Theft Auto after baptism for Elder Della-Piana, everything was smooth. The biggest setback we had was the time of the baptism. It was originally set for Saturday afternoon, but we had to move it because we wouldnt be able to leave our house on Saturday (because of the Brazil game), so we moved it to Friday. But the other ward that meets in our chapel had a baptism at the normal time, and Oliver arrives from school kinda late, so we moved it to Friday at 8:00. But the Bishop wasnt quite on board with it being so late (he implied that he had a romantic date planned with his wife...oops. Our bad!) But, being the good man that he is, he made an exception and let us baptize them at that hour, as to not stress out the parents. But the service was super good. I got to baptize Gabriela, and Elder Cerantonio baptized Oliver. Their mom, Talita, LOVES taking pictures and putting them on Facebook/Instagram, so we took a ton of pictures at the service. So if she put them up, thats why. And, also funny, the water was a bit high because the other ward also had baptisms (of an adult), and Gabriela and Oliver are both smaller sized human beings. So, as Elder Cerantonio entered the water with Oliver, Oliver almost screamed, "Wait, I dont swim! I dont swim!" But it all worked out well. They were confirmed on Sunday, and now we are gonna keep on working to keep them active, and to reactivate their mom, who went to church for the first time in years to watch the confirmation! Miracles!!

...aside from this, we didnt have much success this week with other investigators. Valquiria and Anderson were never home, so theres nothing to say about them. But this week we plan on working with them more, and finding more new people to teach and baptize next transfer!!

Other things of importance:

The World Cup continues this week. Brazil, although not playing well, won against Chile, so we keep on going. Although I have a Chilean friend in our zone of missionaries, and I got to give him a bit of crap about it. But keep supporting the US!!

And, big news: we have a new mission president! After serving a year under the reign of President Martins, we now have President Farnes, from Bountiful Utah! I dont know much about him, but I heard that he hugged everybody in the mission office, and hes about as nice as can be. So I feel like itll be a very different second year. But yay!!

And this week is Independence Day!! Hint: Next week's subject will be a very famous movie quote from the President that saved us from the alien invasion, with the help of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

ALright, Ill send some baptismal photos for y'all!! I love you all, and i know that this church is true!! Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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