Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 40: The final stretch of the transfer

Hey everybody!!

Thats right, we are reaching the end of the transfer already! It is nuts how quickly the time goes by here on the mission, especially when were working super hard!! Ill admit that Im a bit tired today (partially because I wont have P-Day after writing emails, more deets later), but we are still doing good!

This week we didnt have a whole lot of success with investigators. We have a few people that are showing some interest in hearing our message, but nobody is progressing a whole lot. We had some people that gave firm commitments to go to church, but unfortunately we didnt have anybody in the chapel yesterday. And its not just our area. The other 2 areas in our district have had the same problems as well. But, even as we end this transfer, we have hope that during this last week of the transfer that we can find some people who are ready to make commitments and keep them, to try and help them come closer to Christ. Were just in a slight rut at the moment. But luckily, all ruts can be exited, and we can continue having success here!

In other news, we have something super exciting! After I send these emails, Im going to continue working today. Why? Because this wednesday, were going to São Paulo to hear an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Russell M. Nelson!! Were all super stoked, and we are willing to work during our P-Day to make up for the lost time. Itll all be good, and Ill send some notes from him during the next email!!

Alright, Im sorry that this email is shorter than usual, but next week will have Apostolic notes included, so thats pretty cool!! Alright, love you all!! Until next week!

Elder Youd

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