Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 41: Not exactly what we were expecting

Hey everybody!

So this week was a bit more difficult for us here in Júlio de Mesquita. As youll likely realize, I dont have any notes from our conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson...because we unfortunately didnt have that conference. THere were rumors about a police strike, so we were told to stay in our houses for that day. And unfortunately, those police strikes didnt even happen (at least in our mission), so we didnt even have a purpose to stay indoors. But at the very least, we were able to relax for a day. Although Im still wanting to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson.

But the rest of the week was pretty good! We had a lot of rainy days, so our work didnt move forward as much as we wanted to. But, weve gotten ourselves some good investigators!

Valkyria- A mother of 4 kids (2 of which are older than 8 years), that simply is looking for a good church. She prayed to God, and received a confirmation that we are authorized servants of God! And she went to church on Sunday, which was super nice!! She has a ton of potential.

Kesley- Hes still doing well. He wants to go to church, but his work schedule is nuts, so were working with him on that. But he still has potential.

In other news:

We learn about transfers today. Elder Bow will go home (hes finishing his mission!), and Elder Ladwig will likely stay. Im thinking that I will be transferred, although anything is possible. Again, if I am transferred, Ill be happy with the work that Ive done here. With the help of the Lord, Ive managed 4 baptisms, one of which managed to help an inactive family return to church. Ive seen miracles work here in the past four months, and to credit this work to anything but the hand of the Lord. If I leave, I will leave satisfied. If I stay, Ill do my best for the next 6 weeks.

Also, today is my sister Kaitie's birthday!! Happy birthday Kaitie!! Ill try and send you a photo of what I bought for you!!

Alright, on to my individual emails! Love you all!! 

Elder Youd

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