Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 43: My freaking birthday!!!

Oi everybody!!

Thats right...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! 20 years ago, I emerged into this world, a bunch of strangers seeing me completely naked, and a man in white tore a freaking cord from my stomach. And so it was, that I started my life. 20 years later, I do believe that Im doing alright. I somehow ended up in Brazil, but at least I can speak enough Portuguese to party now. For those of you that are wondering, I do plan on partying today, in the missionary way. AKA I will likely eat a bunch of food, and relax for the day. We have plans to visit a less active member that loves us, so at least well eat some more food with him. But tomorrow, its back to work, in the normal way. But for today, at least, I am happy.

But this week has been good. Weve got some good progress with some of our investigators, namely:

Taina (new!)- We started teaching Taina, an 18 year old girl, last week. She was incredibly receptive, and accepted to be baptized! Shes already visited the church in the past, so were planning on baptizing her on June 21. Pray for Taina!

Anderson- We managed to talk to Anderson this week. In the time that hes spent between changing missionaries, hes managed to break the last habit that was preventing him from being baptized, smoking. So now, weve just gotta get him interviewed and baptized! Yay!!! Continue to pray for Anderson!

Valquiria (now that I know how to spell her name)- Shes been hiding from us this week. Unfortunately, shes started to work crazy hours that dont let her be in her house between 10AM-midnight. So weve just gotta be patient and try and find that golden opportunity to talk to her again.

Other notes:

This week is the world cup! During the Brazilian games, were not going to be allowed to leave the house for the entire day (only for lunch,) so this month were gonna have a few days of relaxation, which will be nice. But everybody here is going nuts for the World Cup. Its gonna be an interesting thing. And for those of you that are cheering for the United States (as you all should be doing, support your country!), we may actually have a chance! Some of the best players in our group from Germany and Portugal got hurt, and if they play, they wont be playing at full force. So...USA! USA! USA!!

Basically, its just this. Thank you all for your support, and I hope that you all have a great week! Thanks for the birthday wishes, keep them coming! I miss you all!

Elder Youd

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