Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 44: Welcome to the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Hey everybody!

Thats right...the time has arrived for the 2014 World Cup! Weve been hearing about basically nothing else for the past month, and now that its here, the whole country is going insane. Unfortunately for us, this has put a temporary stop in the work, seeing as its a whole lot more difficult to convince people to let us talk about God when the Netherlands are destroying Spain (we hear about every single games results), so were working a bit slower and harder. But fortunately, its quite a unique experience to be in the country of the world cup during the world cup. Everybodys focus is on soccer, so its super duper fun. But, firstly, about the work!

Top investigators:

Emiliana, Bianca (new, and you wont ever hear about them again!)- So, being in an area with 2 groups, we occassionally do divisions, just to help each other out (more the last 2 transfers than this transfer.) But, on some of these divisions, I went to the other half of Julio de Mesquita. There had a mother and daughter, Emiliana and Bianca. I taught them duringe these divisions. They were completely elect, and needed this gospel to help them cope with some personal problems. But, luckily last weekend they finally were baptized!! I was honored to be able to watch the service, and I even snuck into the baptismal picture. So I do believe that I have 2 more baptisms!!!

Anderson- Hes doing good. Didnt go to church this week, but he is ready to be interviewed and baptized! We just need to find him at home. Keep praying for Anderson!

Valquiria- We finally got ahold of Valquiria. The problem is that she has started to work at a mall, from 11 AM-11 PM. But she still is interested, and we just need to help her get to church on sunday (these work hours are making her incredibly exhausted.)

Other notes:

Yeah, its basically just this. The World Cup is our lives right now. We hear nothing else except for details about the World Cup. We breathe soccer right now. But all is well! 

Also, thank you all for your birthday wishes! I feel like a man, seeing that Ive survived my first week of my 3rd decade of life. Im getting older, wiser, and stronger (Ive started taking exercises more seriously, I want a toned bod.) But Thats my life! On to individual emails/photos! Love you all!

Until next week,
Elder Youd

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