Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 42: I feel like Im in a Bruce Springsteen song

...Im growing up and still stuck in the same place.

Oi everybody!!

Thats right, for those of you that dont understand my reference. There are two important parts to the big news. Firstly...Im still here in Julio de Mesquita. Thisll be my 4th transfer in the area, and by the time I finish this transfer, I will have spent about 6 months here in the area, 1/4 of my mission. Elder Taveira went to São Paulo, in an area with a bunch of hills (very different than here), and I am now here with Elder Cerantonio, an Argentino with about 5 months on the mission. Hes very laid back, but when were working he does well, so I shouldnt have any problem with companionship this transfer.

And the other part is that...Im growing up!!! *hint hint* next monday is my Birthday!!! So this is my last week of being a teenager. So if you all love me, you could write to me next week, so my birthday isnt so lonely... :D

Alright, but things are still going alright here. Here is the info about our top investigators:

Valkyria: Unfortunately, Valkyria has started to work again, so we havent been able to find her this week. She said that shed go to church, but I think she is working until midnight every night, so she wasnt able to wake up in time to go to church. But well keep on working with her.

Bryan (new!)- A younger guy thats about 25 years old. We had been teaching him for a bit of time, but he wasnt really going anywhere. But, as fate would have it, Bryan works for the same company that our good friend Lima (my recent convert with the mustache), and Lima decided to invite Bryan to an Integration night at our ward. Bryan came with a friend and Lima! Hes a younger guy, but he understands a lot about God, and hes interested. He wasnt able to come to church this week, but well see what happens.

Anderson (new)- A younger guy that had been taught for a long time in a neighboring area (ironically, Elder Cerantonio was the one that found him), that we found by a miracle! A drunk guy told us to follow him to his house while we were on the street one day, and for some reason, we started following. As it turns out, the drunk is Andersons uncle, and Anderson has moved to our area! Hes already been to church a few times, and hes interested, so he has a ton of potential!

Other notes:

-The World Cup is approaching. Weve learned that we arent going to be working on the days when Brazil is playing, so we are going to have a few days off this transfer. Between this, my birthday (hint hint), July 4, and the fact that we are switching Misison Presidents this transfer, this transfer should be interesting. And of course, Id be put together with an Argentinian during the world cup. (Argentina and Brazil have a GIANT rivalry with soccer. Ive already heard a ton of people only talking to him about soccer.)

Im finally at a computer that works, so I believe that Im going to send a ton of pictures while I can. So be ready for these pictures!!

Alright everybody, thanks for all of your support! I love you all, and so does God!! Até mais!

Elder Youd

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