Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 32: Do you believe in miracles? Batismo!

Oi everybody!

Thats right...we had a baptism this week! Helison, after a miracle lesson, was baptised this week! Hes doing incredibly well, and we are all very happy here. But Ill give the details, along with the rest of our investigators:

Helison- So yeah, we went to visit Helison during a division (we had a Zone leader with me.) Helison wasnt thinking of baptism at the beginning, but by the end of the lesson (where we cleared up the doubts that he had about the Book of Mormon), he agreed to be baptized on Saturday! It was a stressful next 3 days, because we couldnt get ahold of him because of his busy work schedule and his lack of credits on his cell phone, but he showed up on Saturday night, and all went well. I got to baptize him, and he said that he felt something incredibly special when he was baptized. Its great to see the joy that comes into people when they decide to follow Christ. Baptism 8!

Joelson- He has plans to be baptized this Saturday, but hes still super nervous. In particular, hes having a harder time stopping coffee and beer than he thought that hed have. So were working with him. Pray for Joelson!

Hilda and Placido (new!)- An older couple that we found knocking on doors. Weve already taught them 3 lessons. Hilda had a dream that confirmed that the church is true, and Placido at least believes that the book of mormon is true. But they both have giant fears to be baptized, so weve got our work set out for us.

Other notes:

I received a note from my old companion, Elder Palhares. From Vila Medeiros, my old investigators, Fransisco and Darci, were in fact baptized, although it apparently took a long time. Yay!

Training is very interesting. Elder Taveira is super anxious to do things, although he also makes a lot of mistakes, which is funny because I remember that, when I was little and made a ton of mistakes, nobody understood my Portuguese, so they didnt have any impact. But, for example, were going to have to teach a JW differently, because he decided to say that if anything isnt written in the Bible, it has no foundation. So itll be interesting.

And Ill write a testimony, basically translating what I tell investigators every day.

I know that I am here on the Lords errand. I know that the church that I am representing right now is the Church of Jesus Christ, built on the firm foundation of prophets, apostles, and authority of God, and that through the ordinances performed in the church, with the authority of God, that we can receive the greatest gift of all, the right to live in the presence of God, with our families for eternity. I know that these things are true, because I prayed to God, the same prayer that we invite people to do, and I received a confirmation that these things are true. I know that this is true.

Strange cultural thing of the week: corn flavored ice cream. Some things, such as the avocado milk shake, are really good. Others are just as disgusting as they sound. Dont try corn flavored ice cream, kids.

Alright, thats it for this week! Até mais! Love you all!

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