Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 27: A baptism to cure my aching Valentines Day Loneliness

Oi everybody!

Thats right, we had a baptism this week! That older gentleman, Lima, had miracles happen in his life, and he was baptized this week! It was a truly wonderful experience, part of which I recorded in my voicemail thingy. So Ill stop wasting time and get right to it!

Top investigators:

Lima- Somehow, despite the fact that, until last Sunday, he had been continuing his habit to drink every day and smoke a pack of cigarettes every day (habits that he's had since he was 15), Lima was able to stop all of this in just one week, along with start to live the other commandments. And so, he passed the interview, and he was baptized this Saturday! Elder Sepulveda did the baptism, and I did the confirmation on Sunday. He was incredibly excited, and is learning everything he can about the Church. It has been quite incredible this week.

Joelson- He prayed this week, and he only got the answer that he will know that these things are true. He has confidence that hell get baptized one day, but we're trying to help him stop procrastinating. But, he did come to church with Aline this week, so weve still got progress with him yet.

David- We unfortunately had to cut David this week. Not due to a lack of interest, but because of a lack of time. Hes working longer shifts at nights now, and hes basically using all of his free time to sleep. But we might return sometime this week or next week, just to see how hes doing.

Ana, Gustavo (New!)- Ana had gone to church 30 years ago, when she was 18. She liked it a lot, but didnt know why she wasnt baptized. So we taught her and her son, Gustavo, and they both accepted dates for the 1st of March!! Theyre both very receptive, and they have a lot of potential.

Other notes:

It was Valentines Day this week. Luckily, Brazil doesnt celebrate it on the 14th of February (I think they have a day in June?), but my aching loneliness was cured by a baptism. I was actually on a division in another area on Valentines Day, and at the end of the night, a very drunk less active member found us, and we helped him get home safely. And then he kissed both of us Elders on the cheeks (a normal thing in Brazil, but missionaries dont do it.) So technically, I got my Valentines Day kiss. But aside from this, baptisms and singing "All By Myself" got me through.

Alright, thank you all for everything! On to normal emails! Love ya!

Elder Youd

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