Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 26- A dog peed on my foot this week

There's really no other way to interpret the subject. I was standing at a door, a dog came up to me, and peed on my foot. I didnt laugh.

Oi everybody!

What a week it has been here in JDM2. After a slow start Monday and Tuesday, and a Multi Zone conference wednesday, we had a burst of fire working thurday until Sunday. Weve really started to get some good progress going here, and we have some super good progress for the future.

Top investigators:

Joelson- He still hasnt prayed about the Book of Mormon, and hes quit alcohol, although hes still drinking coffee. What he really needs is the support of his wife, who is just afraid to tell him that he should be baptized. But, he did share the gospel with a neighbor whos going through some serious problems right now, so we might talk to this neighbor soon. And if Joelson is already sharing the gospel, it means that he must at least think its true, if not know.

David- We havent been able to teach David since finding him the first time, but miracles are happening with him. His work switched him to work nights, which leaves him open to go to church on sundays (albeit while very very tired). And hes already legally married, and hes already been to church one time. So we just need to teach him and get him living the other commandments. The baptism might not happen this saturday, or it might, but it will happen.

Lima (new)- Holy crap, this has been an interesting week. I wont even bother talking about Lima. Just listen to the recording, and youll understand. Basically, Lima is a wild card, that we could baptize this weekend, or he could fall of the face of the earth and maybe end up destroying his life. Kids, dont drink.

Other notes:

Edinaldo, our recent convert, accidentally relapsed with his drinking last week. He didnt quite understand the concept of being able to repent continually, so he was ready to say that hes never coming back to church. We luckily explained to him that he can repent again, and he was incredibly relieved. So he will get back on the right path.

And we had another confrontation with an alcoholic less active this week. I was on a division with Elder Carr, and we just happened to find him. He first told us that he wanted to come back to church, and then that he didnt, and then he tried to punch Elder Carr (but he was drunk and old and a tiny South American, so it was mostly just really funny.) And after I realized that teaching him would get nowhere, I ended up screwing with him a little bit, mixing in phrases in English and Portuguese.

Just as last weeks theme seemed to be praying for an answer, this weeks theme seems to be freaking alcohol. Kids, dont do it. I know you think that itll be fun, but Im working with people, people that have destroyed their lives because of this stuff. Pray for help to get out of this vice, and then talk to someone who can help you. Just dont do it.

Alright, thats my week! On to individual emails and pictures!! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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