Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 31: I'm a Daddy!

Hey everybody!

For those of you who dont already understand the meaning of the subject, transfers were this week, and...Im training! Im the first companion of a brand spanking new missionary, Elder Taveira, from Recife. So I get to help him get accustomed to the mission, learn how to teach. Its actually a pretty big responsibility, and I am quite excited to help him out. Hes already learning super quickly, and its gonna be a super fun 6-12 weeks.

Theres not a whole lot this week to tell in respect to investigators. Just quickly:

Joelson- We remarked a date for Joelson, for the 29th of March. But weve basically gotta get him confident for baptism, and get him to stop freaking out about every little detail. But he wants to get more comfortable, so we still have potential.

Helison- He didnt come to church this week (we dont know why), but hes still receptive to our lessons. He opened up to us last wednesday about where he really is, and where is faith is. Weve got some roadblocks in the future, but for now were getting closer to helping him recognize his confirmation.

Other notes:

Some people have asked me about the world cup, and how Brazil is preparing for it. There are a lot of details that I cant go into here (we are not permitted to talk about things about the government), but i can say that the schools started a month early this year, so that they can take a month off during the world cup. Ive heard that 90% of the stores will shut down, only the giant warehouses and the supermarkets will stay open. And so I expect that we wont be teaching a whole lot for those 6 weeks.

For those of you that have asked me about different Brazilian foods, heres something unexpected: using avocados as a sweet. If you put an avocado, milk, sugar, and some ice (if you want it to be colder) into a blender, you get a type of milk shake-ish thing that is actually super duper good. I dont know the exact amounts, so dont ask me.
But thats my week! If my camera has battery, Ill send photos! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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