Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 29: We will win, or we will go down with a fight. Let's do this.

Hey everybody!

Its been a pretty good week here in Júlio de Mesquita, and weve been trying to work hard to get things rolling. And by the end of this last week, we realized that this week could be one of the more intense weeks of our missions. Why? We have 4 investigators that could be baptized this week, but none of them are firm firm or completely solid for baptism, so we just have to work a lot, pray a lot, and see what happens. So heres whats going down:

Ana and Gustavo: Ana loved church, but she still doesnt feel ready for baptism. We explained to her that there will be an other elder that will interview her before baptism and be able to discern if theyre ready or not. She liked the idea, but then shes had fear since then, so shes been running from us the rest of the week. Gustavo wants to be baptized, but he doesnt feel ready yet (because hes not ready yet.) He has problems with the Word of Wisdom, and so we have to work with him this week to help him rid his addictions to coffee and cigarettes in particular. But they both have potential to be baptized this Saturday, if they want to.

Joelson: Finally, after 5 weeks of working with him, Joelson accepted a date for this Saturday! We told him about the purpose of this life (to prepare to return with God), and he liked that, so he accepted for the 8th. However, hes still a bit worried about getting baptized, although we havent figured out why yet. So weve still got to work with him.

Helison: He went to church this Sunday, and really seemed to like it. Hes actually a very smart kid, something that we werent expecting by his appearance, and he has a large knowledge about religion. So he accepted a date for the 8th, and wants to know if this is true. We have a ton of confidence about him, but we just need to work with him before saturday, specifically because he smokes.

Other notes:

For those of you that have commented with me that I should do more fun stuff, we played some one-on-one soccer last P-day. And all of us were hurting like crazy for the next 3 days. My body may be getting skinny, but Im not yet ready to be a soccer player. My body HURT.

Thanks to all of you that know me well, and sent me Oscar results. It made me laugh, I think I had three or 4 people tell me. You all know me too well and all of my weird loves.

Alright, thank you all for your continued support! I do ask that this week you keep me and my investigators in your prayers, specifically Helison, Joelson, Ana, and Gustavo. Theyre good people that are ready to be baptized. They just need to show their faith, so that they can enter the path that leads to eternal life. Love you all!

Elder Youd

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