Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 30: Well, we went down with a fight!

Hey everybody!

So, this week was a bit difficult for us. As you all know from last week, we had 4 people that were preparaing for baptism this week. Unfortunately, after fighting our darnest, we didnt have any baptisms this week. Here were the situations:

Ana, Gustavo: We had to leave them this week. Both Ana and Gustavo decided that they didnt want to be baptized. Ana has a 61 year old boyfriend that she wants to keep "staying with" on the weekends. She knows that its a sin, but in her words, "But we like it. We like to do it." And Gustavo has decided that he will be baptized in another church, because he wants to win his ex girlfriend back. So they stopped answering the door when we went there.

Joelson: He was doing good and ready for baptism, until the day of the interview. I told the story on the recording, but he was interviewed, but he needs more time. We will keep on working with him, just to get him confident for baptism.

Helison: We just couldnt find him this week. He was working long hours, so it was just a matter of time. BUT he came to church again on Sunday, bringing his girlfriend Raquel (Pronounced "Hacky-el", no idea why), and he was participating in the classes. So he still has potential.

So, thats how we ended our transfer. Luckily, I know that there are still people that are ready to receive the Gospel, so I keep on moving forward, constantly praying. Please pray for my investigators!

Other notes:

I plan on putting more funny stories and cultural information in my emails (I think I was doing that in the beginning, but I got lazy.) So this week was Carnaval. If you read about it online, youll likely have to repent for looking at inappropriate material. Basically, people go nuts at Carnaval, drinking, dancing nude, fornicating in the street...if you live in Rio de Janeiro or parts of São Paulo. Luckily, everybody here in Sorocaba went to those areas to party. So the streets were completely empty last Tuesday. The only awkward thing was when people had televisions on, because it had naked women dancing on the screen. Yikes.

We learn about transfers today. I have no idea whatll happen, although theres a chance that Ill move up to Senior companion next transfer. But we will see.

Alright, Ill send more photos now! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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