Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 28: Do you keep ALL of the 10 commandments?

Listen to my voicemail for more information. The Sabbath Day is Sunday, because the Lord said so.

Oi everybody!

This week has been a good week, although a bit more difficult than Ive had in weeks past here. But we're still having success here (and still a lot more successful than Vila Medeiros), and we have some people close to baptism!! Here they are:

Ana, Gustavo: Ana prayed to God, and believes  that this is true! She wants to change her life (specifically, she feels bad that she stays the weekend with an older gentleman that shes not married to), and she even came to church this Sunday and loved it! Weve got a lot to do before this Saturday (her baptism), but we are getting there! And Gustavo is wanting it as well, but he had to work on Sunday so he couldnt come to church, so well have to remark his date.

Lizandra (new!)- We had talked to her one time, and had a good lesson where she gave the closing prayer, something she said she had never done before. She doesnt have a problem with the Book of Mormon or anything specific in our religion, but she doesnt want to enter any church because she feels unclean. We explained the Atonement for her, and she seems a lot more interested now. Pray for her!

Helison (new)- We had marked a date with Helison a long time ago, but his life was super busy at the time, and so it didnt work. But we quickly talked to him, and he wants to know if its true! We remarked him for the 8th, and hes super excited!

Other notes:

I got another package from my Mom this week, this time in a Pringles can! Ive been waiting for this one for 4 months, so if you sent me a package, itll come. Eventually.

Also, a member of the ward loves me! Her son recently came home from a mission (early, because of a knee injury), and he had a pair of shoes, and since his feet are giant, and my feet are giant, I got a free pair of shoes! Thank you, Irmã Sandra!!

And for your information, I officially passed my 6 month mark a couple weeks ago. Im officially past the 25% mark :P

Thanks everybody for your love! Alright, on to individual emails! 

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