Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 20: "Bells will be ringing the sad sad news...that nobody wants to hear about Christ on Christmas."

Yeah, it's ironic.
Oi everybody! Feliz Ano Novo!
It's been a pretty good Christmas here in Vila Medeiros.Super weird, it was my first Christmas away from home. But it ended up being alright. Had a bit of a weird situation with an alcoholic come up on Christmas Eve that kinda dampened our spirits, but it was good nonetheless.
It's been holy hard to find new people this christmas, because nobody wants to hear a message about Christmas on Christmas. But nonetheless, our investigators have a ton of progress. Here they are:
Marcio- The most important thing is...Jucelina received an answer!!!! She has always been hesitant about the church,  mostly because she's been strong in her faith. But she finally decided to ask God about the truth, and that night, she ended up having a dream.  The dream itself I didn't understand all of (Darn you, Portuguese), but regardless, she recognized it as a confirmation! And just in time for the whole family to be baptized this coming Saturday! Now, we've just gotta convince them that they can be baptized in the font at the church, because they wanna be baptized in a river. It's the little things.
Douglas- Unfortunately, things are going a bit bad. Douglas' mom (who likely heard bad about the church from her Catholic Neighbor, who doesn't like us) took away her permission to baptize douglas, being mad at the changes he's going through,  such as not drinking coffee, living the law of chastity, and wanting to pay tithing (This is real. She's mad that he's cleaning up his life.) So we've now gotta work with her. And in the process, Jessica's lost a bit of progress, and has less interest. Please pray for this family, as well as Marcio's family to stay firm and strong.
Noemi- She's actually still progressing, despite expectations. We talked to her about the commandments this week. She understood all of them and their purposes, but she  told us that she drinks every weekend and she has an addiction to smoking. So she's going to ponder and pray and see if this is the life that she needs to live. But she told us that she feels that we might be true, so she continues.

Other notes:
-The companionship is super well. EPalhares is super funny, and kinda femmy in a really funny way (he's very very very neat, and likes to cook for us, and screams in a high girly voice a lot, and has 7 pink ties.) EHatch is super chill and funny as well, and is a lot calmer about missionary work (in a good way.) It'll be a good transfer.
-I got to talk to my family last week! It was super nice, and I loved it! Love you family!
-For some reason,  everybody here watches Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakwel here.  I don't understand it, but in the past 3 weeks, i've seen 5 different families watching it. Brazil truly is a place of sin.

Alright, thank  you all so much for your support! Now for other emails! Hopefully i can put up some  pics and voice recordings! Love you all!
Elder Youd

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