Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 15 (I think): 20 pounds later

That's right. In case you were curious, that is a reference to how much weight I've lost since I entered the field. The day that I left the CTM, I weighed exactly 100 kg, or about 220 lbs. Last week, I found a scale in a pharmacy, and weighed myself. Now? 91.2 kgs, or about 200 lbs. In 9 weeks, I've lost 20 lbs. All of you single, non-family women, keep that in mind. Now, I'm only slightly chubby instead of slightly grossly chubby.

Oi everybody!

This week has been an absolutely strange week, almost split in half. The first half was a week of disappointment, with dropped investigators (including Marcia and her family, who dropped us unofficially with the lame excuse of "It's hard, because I work ALL THE TIME."), and very little lessons. And then the 2nd half of the week? A week of miracles! Not the least of which is...I have a baptism this weekend!!!

I've decided that, since my emails are generally random thoughts, to start containing things, I'll start putting my top investigators and their progress.

Eduardo- Our perfect investigator. Every lesson, he's done everything that he's supposed to. He accepted all of the commandments, and Saturday, he accepted a baptismal date! This Saturday (Because he's studying like there's no other life when he's not studying the scriptures), he'll have an interview, and immediately after he'll be baptized! We've only taught him on Saturdays because of our schedule, but he's my favorite investigator. And you'll see a picture of him next week...getting ready for baptism! (Also side note: I'm technically going to have my 2nd baptism this week too. There's a kid named Lucas that's getting baptized and well attend Vila Medeiros, but he's been taught in Vila Maria by other missionaries. 2 baptisms!)

Marcio- He's doing super well. He still has doubts about baptism (he's been baptized 3 times, one of which was in a super duper cult cult, so he has reason), but he asked us "If I want to be a member of this church, I have to be baptized?" And this Saturday, he and his family went to a ward activity (They were showing The Blind Side, or in Brazil, The Impossible Dream). So He's doing well.

Patricia- Unfortunately, she's going to be baptized in another ward. But I'm sure that it'll happen! She reads and knows A TON about the church already, in a good way. She's doing great, and I know that she'll be baptized.

Noemi- Our hardest investigator. She's finally revealed to us that she hides behind post-modern religion to hide the fact that she doesn't understand Christianity. We have to fight for time with her with a Buddhist missionary here. And our last lesson, she told us that she understood everything, but that she never ever ever wants a family. So she's rough.

Joao- Joao is also difficult. We've taught him everything, and he's now living all commandments (except for Sabbath Day). But because his mother is super Catholic, he still won't accept a baptismal date or go to church, also because he feels like he needs his store open on Sunday mornings.

So that was our list, from best to worst. Also, weird thing happened this week. We had a potential investigator named Leandro. We visited his house 4 times, but he was never there, so we decided to cut his name from our list and leave it for future missionaries. But Saturday, we were walking down the street, and a car stops by us. It was him and his girlfriend! He apologized for the difficulty in finding him, set up a time, and he even went to church yesterday, before we even taught him a lesson! So that was weird, especially since we have investigators that we've been teaching for almost 2 months (Joao, Ramiro), that refuse to go to church.

So that's my week! I'm getting ready for my first baptism! Please pray for these investigators! Thanks so much for your prayers, and the church is true!

Elder Youd

PS- Happy 1 day late birthday, Mom! Love you!

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