Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 16: "Shed a tear cause I'm missing you, it's still alright to smile...all we need's a little patience."

Oi familia!

The subject was Guns N' Roses. Mostly just that we are patiently awaiting success here in Vila Medeiros.

This week was a little bit more difficult. We had 2 baptisms planned (one here, and one that's being taught in Vila Maria) but both fell. Vila Maria's person might still happen, but ours is no more. Most of our investigators are progressing, but essentially at the speed of a snail. On pot. Walking through a pool of molasses. Dying. Very very slowly. Here are the updates of our top investigators:

Eduardo- He came to church last Sunday, and was supposed to be baptized last Saturday; however, on Wednesday, we were reading something in Preach My Gospel (The manual for missionaries, for you non-Mormons. Also, you non-Mormons, read the Book of Mormon,) that said that we need to make sure that we have the spouse's approval before baptism. We called Eduardo immediately just to guarantee. He just said that his wife didn't agree, and that he didn't feel anything at church, and that there's no reason for us to visit again. So that was Eduardo.

Marcio- Our biggest hope right now. He didn't come to church this week because he had to take his daughter to the hospital to have some sort of heart check-up. BUT he finally received an answer to his prayers! As it turns out, the activity at the church of watching the Blind Side was perfect for him. His oldest daughter wasn't actually his child, so he's always had trouble with accepting that. But the movie made him realize that he accepted her as a family, and that was enough to make him realize that the Church was true, if it was able to answer that personal of a problem. Now we just need to work with his wife, Joselina, who belongs to a culty-cult-cult. She's only been to church activities, never an actual church meeting. So she has a problem with how casually the members dress, because her culty-cult (Trust me, it's a CULT, from the details I heard) makes her wear a dress every day in every thing that she does. So we're now working with her, since he says that he wants her to be baptized with him.

Noemi- Finally came to church! However, she was her usual Noemi self, saying in the middle of Sunday School, "Yeah, I don't know if I'll come back or not. I'm not sure how I like it here." In the middle ofSunday School. She is a daughter of God, and quite an eccentric one at that. But, she's slowly coming to accept things.

Ewerton and Bruno- 13 year old kids that listened to our message. We gave Ewerton a pamphlet, and he ended up writing 4 pages on what he thought about it. They both accepted dates for the 14th of December!!! However, last Thursday we had a multi-zone conference, where the rules for baptizing kids under the age of 15 changed, to where if they're going to church without a parent, they have to wait 3 months before baptism. So that's not gonna happen. And teaching 13 year old boys is holy hard. So much talking, and SO LITTLE FOCUS.

Marco Antonio (New!)- A Bolivian that we found. He and his "wife", Blanca, live in a sketchy house, but he has a lot of problems. They have robbers almost every week invade their home and steal things. He's been looking for peace, and he found it with us! He broke down into tears in front of us while talking about his life and how thankful he was for us. So now, we just need to get him to church, get a ring on that finger, and get him to the font! I freaking love Bolivians. They're my favorite. Part of me wishes that I was sent to Bolivia on my mission.

Other things- Thursday we had a multi-zone conference, which was good to see all of my missionaries together. Also, on Friday, we were invited to help out a booth for Helping Hands Brazil, or Maos Que Ajudem. It was cool, and we talked to a ton of people. Basically, our job was to be missionaries with a tag, invite people to the booth, and avoid saying anything that would cause a PR problem for the church.

Alright, that's it for me folks! No pictures this week because my camera battery just died, and I'll try to get to a computer with a USB port to give a voice recording! Thanks for your letters, and keep it coming! The church is true, and God loves you! And I probably at least like you too!

Elder Youd

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