Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 17: I am the captain of my fate. I am the master of my soul.

In memory of Paul Walker, the guy from Meet the Deedles and Fast and the Furious that died last week. Why else would that poem have significance?

Oi everybody!

It's been a pretty awesome week here in Vila Medeiros. The weather is getting holy hot, and I am becoming holy sweaty. It doesn't help that my hair grows faster than I can control. I cut it just a few weeks ago, and it's already a helmet on me. Christmas time is coming, and it's weird to be in the mood for Christmas while not freezing my face off. As far as I've noticed, it doesn't seem like Brazil has any crazy Christmas traditions. But I'll keep on looking for something unique and fun.

We had a baptism for Vila Medeiros this week, although it wasn't one of our investigators. His name is Lucas, he looks really sketchy (beard, giant gauges, etc.), but he's a super nice guy with a great spirit. It was good to see this change in his life, and in Vila Medeiros!

Information about our top investigators:

Marcio: We taught Marcio most of the commandments this week. Although he said that he admittedly had an addiction to coffee, he and his whole family are living the Word of Wisdom now! And he had absolutely no problem with tithing, and called Fast offerings "incredibly beautiful", which I had never thought of before. And even though he didn't go to church this week (he has a legit reason that he said he'd work on this week), his whole family came to church for the first time! So he's going great.

Douglas (new!): Douglas is a 14-year old that came to church alone last week, asking how he could be baptized. We have to wait a while to baptize him due to new rules with baptizing minors, but we taught him commandments immediately. The lesson was...interesting. (Refer to the voicemail for details.) But he came to Lucas' baptism, and he's progressing!

Marco Antonio- We have to wait for a long time to baptize him because, with all Bolivianos, he's not married legally. But he absolutely loves reading El Libro de Mormon (spanish) and he came to church! So we'll keep spending time with him. I love Bolivianos.

Noemi- She's about normal. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and she said that she wouldn't have a problem not living with God after this life. And she doesn't think that we have to go to church every week. And she said that she won't be going to church last sunday or next sunday because she's going to a nightclub. So that's Noemi.

Ewerton and Bruno- We cut them. After 2 horribly difficult lessons of trying to get these 13 year old boys to focus, we finally told them to come to church. Yesterday, we saw them outside the chapel before sacrament meeting. They mockingly waved at us. We thought that they were trying to find the entrance, so we stood up to go help them. Immediately, they ran away from us, and we realized that they were just making fun of us. Freaking punks. I hate kids.

Other information:

-We had a division this week, where Elder Fields and I stayed here with another American that spoke less Portuguese than us. I was the most experienced with the language, so I drove the day. And I survived! I'm finally getting it!

-Today is my half-birthday. WIsh me a happy half-birthday.

-This is the last week of this transfer. I'll send a normal email next week, but the week after that I may be in a different area. I'll learn next Monday night.

Thank you all for your support! Time to write individual emails! Love you all! 

Elder Youd

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