Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 19: And Wild and sweet, the words repeat...

...Of peace on earth, good will to men. (My favorite Christmas hymn, without a doubt.)

Feliz Natal todos!

Firstly, sorry for the bad grammar in this email. Were at a crappier lan house, and I cant switch the normal keyboard into an English keyboard.

Its been a good week Vila Medeiros. Thats right! I am still here in Vila Medeiros, at least for another transfer. And...Im in a trio again! Elder Casagrande was sent to Pirituba, and Elder Fields was sent to Sorocaba (Super rural area). I am now here with Elder Hatch, an American that has 1 year and 4 months on the mission, so hes fluent (and he was the trainer of Elder Burton, my CTM companion!), and Elder Palhares, an Elder from Minas Gerais, close to Belle Horizonte, in Brazil. He has 9 months on the mission, the same as Elder Casagrande had. So far, were all working super well together. These guys are super chill and funny, and I feel good about working with them this transfer!

Okay, on to my week! Top investigators:

Douglas- Still is doing super good. We have dates for him and his twin sister, Jessica, for January 4 (we have a ward activity on the 28th of December and cant baptize anyone that weekend). We tried to see if he wanted to be baptized earlier, but we just need to work a little bit to have his Mom approve. But he absolutely will get baptized!

Marcio- He and his family are doing so well. Marcio wants to be baptized NOW, so were just working with his wife to get an answer. But theyre all incredibly interested in eternal families, so tonight were having a family night with 2 members, Rafael and Casey, that were actually sealed for eternity last weekend. So thatll be awesome for them.

Noemí- Shes actually back. We thought that we were going to cut her due to her lack of interest, but last Thursday, we were kinda lacking in things to do (were struggling in finding new people right now), so we decided to visit Noemí. And, as it turns out, a couple of weeks without talking to us was what she needed. Shes reading the BOM almost every day now, and instead of saying "I dont want the life of a church", shes now saying, "Im not sure. It seems incredibly difficult." So shes actually making progress!

Vera (New!)- We had talked to her one time before, but we taught her and a couple other moms (shes about 40, and a mom), and she was overwhelmed with the spirit. She accepted the invitation to baptism, so now we just need to give her a date and get her baptized! Please pray for my investigators!

Other notes from this week:

-To be honest, Ive had a kinda hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Probably because its hot as crap outside, and not many people decorate here. Just like, 1 in 10 houses. Also, our mission president, bless his heart for trying to do something fun, tried to have a "Christmas activity", which ended up just being a multi-zone conference with white elephant, where I won a box of Q-tips. He then scorned us for talking too loud during lunch, and he never actually used the word "Natal" during the whole day, so it really was more just of an conference that happened to be near Christmas. So Ill mostly just kinda endure Christmas. Except for...

-I get to call my family this week!!!! In case I forget family, Ill be on Google plus around 3 my time (I dont remember the time difference), so Ill email you all about that after this.

Alright, time to respond to personal emails! THank you all so much! Love you all! Feliz Natal! 

Elder Youd

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