Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 18: "But you've gotta have faith, yeah you gotta have faith!"

(It's George Michael. Weird things happen when you only have the music from your brain.)

Oi pessoas!

This week has been quite an interesting week, with some ups and downs, but overall a good way to end a transfer! I'll learn tonight if I'm going to another area or not, and if I transfer, I'll leave on Wednesday. So my life is mostly one big surprise. Presidente Martins doesn't like for us to grow attached to the members, so he doesn't give us much time to say goodbye.

On to our investigators for this week!

Marcio and Family- He now knows all of the commandments, and we finally got him to go to church with his family, together. We had a pretty long lesson with him and his family on Sunday, and...they all have baptismal dates! The 4th of January, because his only concern is that he wants to be baptized with his family, and his wife still doesn't believe yet. We have work to do with her, but he wants to jump into the baptismal font right now, so he is doing absolutely great!

Gilbert (New!)- Found him working. We've talked to him a couple times, and he accepted a baptismal date! He's an older man, and he's a little Like, he went off for 7 minutes on how God is everywhere when we talked about the pamphlet that he read. (Hint: It didn't talk about how God is everywhere). But he has a date for the 28th, so we'll work with it.

Noemi- Unfortunately, we had to cut Noemi this week. She ended up telling us that she has absolutely no desire to go to church, because she likes going to nightclubs on Saturday nights, among other things. We might visit her again in a couple weeks, but for now, she doesn't want anything.

Douglas (maybe new? I don't remember if I talked about him before)- Douglas is a 14 year old that came to church by himself. He heard about the church, showed up early, and asked how he can be baptized. After an awkward first lesson where he told us (in front of his mom) that he doesn't know if he can keep the law of chastity because "I have needs", we talked to him again, and he has a baptismal date for this Saturday! It might change to next Saturday because of technical things, but he brought his sisters with him to church on Sunday, and they're interested too!

Other notes from this week:

-You can listen to the voicemail for more about this, but we didn't get to teach as much this week. On Monday, Elder Casagrande was sick, and Elder Fields got the same sickness on Thursday. Despite this, we had 9 investigators come to church on Sunday. So that's cool.

-If I stay in Vila Medeiros, there's a chance that I'll be the temporary piano player while the ward is looking for someone that can play with more than one hand. Now is when I finally regret that I didn't stick with piano when I was young. Sorry, Mom.

-Next week I get to call my family! It'll be on Christmas Eve, and for those that aren't aware of how missionary service works, it's one of my 4 calls that I get on my mission, except for if I have an emergency. (I only call on Christmases and Mother's Day.) I'm super stoked!

-We taught one lesson this week with an English teacher, who might have interest. But she asked if I could give the closing prayer in English. Holy crap, praying in English was so hard. I forgot how to do it. I sounded like a Brazilian speaking English.

Alright, now I await the information about transfers! Thank you all for your support, keep writing me, and more pics are coming! Tchau!

Much love,
Elder Youd

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