Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 68: Thanksgiving week, with 2 baptisms!

Hey everybody!!

So, its been a great week for me! Weve been working our butts off, and it FINALLY payed off! Why? Because...WE GOT 2 MORE BAPTISMS!! Frick yeah! Ill tell the deets about how Ruan and Lucas were finally baptized! Here are the deets:

Ruan- A very calm baptism. Unfortunately, Veronica wasnt able to make it to the baptism because she had last minute visits from 10 different family members at the same time, but she sent his dad to acompany him to the baptism, which I really think helped his dad like the church more. I got to baptize Ruan, and he was confirmed on Sunday. Yay!!!!

Lucas- Also, a very calm baptism. We were only able to visit him on Wednesday, which is when he explained that he wasnt able to make it to church last week because he had to leave unexpectedly, and he left his cell phone at home. So, we asked, " you wanna be baptized this Sunday?" "Sure." "Cool." And, he was! Elder Marciano baptized him, and he will be confirmed next Sunday. Yay!!!

Daniela- She was the one that got away this week. A super complicated situation. Basically, she was gonna get baptized on Saturday night after a youth activity (which was her decision, and it would have been cool), but unfortunately, her stepdad brought her to there, and he got SUPER grumpy with us at the end. "NO! I dont want to stay here to watch a baptism! I havent eaten in hours, Im STARVING!!" "Well, the baptismal service would be only 15 minutes." "Not a chance!! Thats way too much time! Daniela, we're going!!" And so she had to leave. And she was sick on Sunday, so that didnt work out. BUT we'll try to baptize her this week! Please pray for her that she can finally be baptized!!

Lilian, Ryan (new!!)- Friends of Yara that have been coming to church for a couple weeks now. We were avoiding teaching her for a bit because we knew that Yara would try and slow things down, so we waited for the perfect opportunity, worked!! Lilian and Ryan will be baptized this weekend! Yay!!

Other notes:

December has started!! So...that means that Christmas is coming!! Yay for Christmas!!!

There really isnt too much to say today. Sorry, our normal LAN House was closed, so were at the crappy LAN House, and I wont be able to send the pics of the baptisms of Ruan and Lucas! But I will next week!

Alright, love you all!!! Have a great week!!

Elder Youd

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