Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 64: The Celebrity Americans

Hey everybody!!!

So, its been an alright week for me here in Jaraguá. Filled with ups, downs, in betweens, and a whole lot of craziness, it was a week that honestly freaking flew by. But, Ill give some deets here now. Top investigators!!
Gabriel- So, I talked to Elder Marciano about it, and we decided that Gabriel needs a little bit more time before he gets baptized, and for two reasons. Firstly, hes progressing really well and seems to be taking things in, step by step. And also, and much more importantly, he has an awesome friend named Alex that we can baptize at the same time, and the two can help each other stay firm. So, Gabriel is good, but we just want to work with him more and get a second baptism in the process. Well see what happens.
Ronni- The dirty pervert hid from us this week. We tried to get in touch with him every day, but he just hides from us. But, like a hunter with his prey, I will find him, shoot him, and then claim my dead animal prize. Or, Ill just find him and baptize him, because thats more Christlike. One of the two.
Lucas- Progressing SUPER well. He went to church alone this Sunday, arriving half an hour early. Hes reading and praying and doing everything that were asking him. So well see what happens with him. We just need to teach him the commandments, and then we'll have him ready to be baptized, hopefully soon!!
Evandro/Diani (new!)- A "married" couple that we found, that want our help. They want to get married, find a church, and help Evandro stop drinking. (Hes not an alcoholic; he just drinks every once in a while, and hes super weak with drinks. Like, he drank one can one night, and was blubbering.) So it shouldnt be too difficult with them. They werent able to make it to church this week, but well see what happens with them.
Other notes:

We had a super cool moment this week. Seeing that our zone didnt have any baptisms planned for the weekend, me and Elder Marciano decided to challenge the missionaries in our zone to try and visit the people that had been interviewed, passed, but just werent baptized. The zone did it, and the missionaries of Jaraguá 2 (Elder Marques, Elder Bustamante, who live with us) were able to baptize one of their investigators by a miracle this weekend! It was pretty awesome, and I took a picture with the woman as well. Ill send it here in a bit.
As the voice message (hopefully) will tell (if it is able to send, freaking LAN Houses here), me and Elder Jacobs went to a private school with a member this week, and talked to little kids about speaking English/being an American. It helped my deep-rooted patriotism grow (little kids thinking that I know famous people because Im American), and a lot of them ended up taking pictures with us! So that was quite a funny experience.
Alright, time to respond to individual emails and try and send some stuff! Hopefully it works! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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