Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 67: Happy belated birthday, mom!!!

Hey everybody!!!

So, I remember about 6 months ago, I was looking at the calendar for the year, and I realized that I would be able to wish my mother a happy birthday ON her birthday, seeing that it would be on a Monday. For 6 months, I was excited for this moment...until I learned 3 weeks ago that Id be having a Tuesday P-Day on my mothers birthday. So...that was poorly timed. But ah well! Happy (belated) birthday Mom! I promise, I wont miss the next one! ;)
Well, its been a kinda rough week for us this week. We had plans to baptize 2 people, and it ended up being none. BUT I know that this week, we WILL baptize AT LEAST one person. Im starting to go a bit nuts without baptizing, but then I remember that Im in Brazil, where I am blessed to be able to baptize a ton of people, and that I shouldnt complain that Ive gone 6 weeks straight without baptizing. So, here are our top investigators:
Lucas- We taught him some more, and he accepted to be baptized on Sunday. Without a single problem. But, when Sunday showed up, Lucas didnt. We tried to call him, go and pick him up during church, and visit him after church, and he simply...disappeared. So, that was weird. We'll visit him this week, and probably baptize him this week.
Daniela- Also would have been baptized this week, but she wants her mom to be there, and her mom wasnt able to get the day off. We tried to tell her that we could make it later in the day so that her mom could see it, but then the whole family that is helping us teach her (and caused her baptism to be delayed by a month) went against us and said, "Just wait more time Elders! You dont understand!" So, we will baptize her this Saturday. Although, the funny thing, João Vitor wasnt ordained a priest, so he wont even be able to baptize her. We talked to Daniela, and the Bishop is gonna baptize her. So thatll be cool.
Juan- Passed the interview this week. Will be baptized on Saturday. End of story. He will be.

Other notes:
We went to the temple today!! I didnt bring my camera with me to the LAN House, but Ill send pics next week!

Alright, so this is a shorter letter because, as usual with P-Days when we go to the temple, Im a bit short of time. BUT I love you all, hope that youre all doing great, and that you all have a great week! Love you!
Elder Youd

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