Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 63: Sometimes you just cant win

Hey everybody!!

So, as the title reads, it was one of those weeks this week. At this point in my mission, I know that these types of weeks happen every once in a while (I cant JUST have miracles happen here, gosh!) But, weve still got some good things going for us!! Heres some basic information about our top investigators:

Daniela- We were ridiculously close to baptizing her this week. We had taken away all of her doubts and fears, and the last question was who would baptize her. She decided that she wanted her friend, João Vitor, to baptize her. The only problem is, João Vitor wont be able to baptize until he is 16 years old, which he doesnt become until the end of November. We worked hard with her during the lesson and finally had convinced her to let another member of the ward baptize her...until João Vitors brother, Matteus, entered into the freaking room and asked, "Wait, didnt you want Joao to baptize you?" "Yeah, but I think itd be better if this other person baptized me this weekend." "Wait...Elders, cant she wait a month longer? I dont think thatd be too bad." And she heard that, and it was over. So, us and the Bishop are gonna try and work with her to be baptized sooner (many times, when you wait a long time to baptize somebody, they end up not getting baptized at all here. Its a different culture, but its a much faster-moving culture.)

Ronni-Its gonna be luck with this guy. We did a family night with Ronni and a couple other people at the church on Monday about Family History, and in the middle of the lesson, Ronni starts asking us, "Elders, can I be baptized in a river? I heard from my neighbor that it says in the Bible that a true baptism has to be by running waters." We simply told him that, although Jesus was baptized in a river, we arent required to be baptized by running waters because there really isnt a purpose to it (you need to have the age of conscience to know what youre doing, waters to immerse you because this is literally what baptism means, and authority from God to make this covenant, but running waters dont serve a real purpose.) We said that he could be baptized in a river if he REALLY wanted to (All of the rivers here are trashy), but that we have this baptismal font for this reason. He then became SUPER angry with us, saying that we were condemning souls because of this, that well have to answer before God for this giant sin that were committing. So, we burned him a bit and then left, not knowing what to do. But, a few days later, we went back, and avoiding the subject of running waters, asked him if he was good with baptism. He said, "Yeah, Im super excited to be baptized this next weekend!" So, either we will baptize him, or he will burn the church down. I dunno.

Gabriel- Went to church for the second time. We didnt get to teach him this week, but hes actually progressing, so well see what happens.

Elias (new!)- An older man that we found this week. We were knocking on doors, and he saw us knocking and called us down to talk to him. We taught him, and he was incredibly interested. He went to church this week, and said that he wants to come every Sunday. We just need to get him married (he already talked about how he wanted to get married before baptized,) And then well get him baptized!!

Other ntoes:

We also brought a drunk couple to church this week. The woman had hurt her knee, and was trying to sit down, so we helped her, talked to them (or at least tried, they were very drunk,) and then brought them into church. So that was fun.

And I went to 25 de Março again! We went to the same Churrascaria, and I bought some ties, a fancy watch, and a new towel! So that was fun. Ill try to send pics here.

Alright, thats my week! Thank you all! Love you!

Elder Youd

PS-Ill try to send pics and a voice recording!!

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