Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 62: A shorter week, a shorter letter

Hey everybody!!

So, just to explain to you all, this letter will be a bit shorter today, seeing as Im going to be kinda busy this P-Day. Were going back to 25 de Março, the place where you buy artificially produced stuff for super cheap, so we want to leave early, and I want time to write to my fam (they come first ;)). But, this week went by. SO. FAST. We actually had 3 divisions in a row, which exhausted me. On Tuesday, I worked here with Elder Jacobs, for him to do an interview at the chapel that night. Unfortunately, Ronni didnt get there until 9:20, but I didnt want to waste time, so we interviewed him there, and we didnt get back until 10:15. On Wednesday, I went to Franco da Rocha with Elder Pfeifer, where we worked pretty darn hard for the lack of time that we had. And on Thursday, we had a division with the Assistents to President Farnes. I worked with an American, Elder Anderson, and we only worked until 6 PM because he had to be back at the mission office that night. But, needless to say, its been a very quick-moving week. And Im guessing that nobody is awake right now because, for some reason, Brazilian daylight saving time is the opposite of the united states. So, while you guys went back an hour, we moved forward. So while its 10:30 here, its only6:30 there. So youre all likely sleeping, so that kinda stinks.

Top investigators:

Daniela- Finally went to church this week!!! And she has a date for this weekend. Well see what happens.

Ronni- Was interviewed this week, passed, accepted to be baptized on the 1st of November.

So yeah, Im really sorry that this letter is so short this week, but know that I love you all, and I owe you all a GIANT email next week! Have a great week! Tchau!!

Elder Youd

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