Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 50: First baptism of Amador Bueno, in the swimming pool!

Hey everybody!!

Thats right, its been a fantastic week here in Amador Bueno!!! Ive had a ton of stories, a ton of success, and to top it all off, my first baptism here in the area!! After a super long and busy week, Juliana was baptized!! Here are the details, along with the details of our top investigators:

Juliana, Joyce: So, we helped Juliana agree to live the rest of the commandments, and after some miracles (listen to the voicemail, specifically about her agreeing to live the law of tithing,) she was all ready for baptism!! A different Elder interviewed her and Joyce, and they both passed! Unfortunately, Joyce still doesnt feel ready for baptism, so were gonna keep on helping her prepare, but she can be baptized in any moment now! Juliana was incredibly excited about the baptism, and it was a super nice service. Yay!! (And yes, Ill send pictures in a bit, but because this ward is in a poor area, there isnt an official baptismal font, so we use one of those swimming pools that you put together. It still worked.

Bruna, Lucas (new!)- 2 cousins of a recent convert here, Brenda, with about 16 and 9 years, respectively. We went to visit them for the first time on Monday night, and as it turns out, theyve been wanting to be baptized! We have a date marked for them for this Sunday, and until now, we dont have anything preventing us from baptizing them!! Yay!!

Vanessa, Valeria (new!)- 2 girls that we found knocking on doors, with about 16 and 14 years, respectively. Its kind of a strange situation, because theyre so receptive that we havent figured out what could go wrong with them. Theyre simply accepting everything and completing all of the commitments were giving them, and they have dates for this Sunday as well!! So we could have 4 baptisms for this week!! Woot!

Caique, Denilson, Guilherme (new!)- 3 teenage boys (I forgot their ages.) Also 3 kids that are just accepting everything and eating up every assignment and commitment that we give them. They have dates for August 9, so we have a bit more time to work with them, but Caique and Denilson went to church yesterday (Denilson wasnt able to go, but he can still be baptized on the 9th), but we have a ton of hope for them!!

Vania- Unfortunately, Vania fell at the last moment. She had a cousin get super sick on the other side of the country, so without telling us, she went there and wont come back for a couple months. But, thats life for you.

Other notes:

It appears that were gonna move into a new house! Were not sure when itll happen, but well likely live with members here in a while. So thats exciting!

Ive been working a ton with my district this week, leaving my area every day except for Sunday (at least for a little bit of time.) we ended up having 3 baptisms in our 4 areas this week, with 11 people planned to be baptized this week! So pray for all of us!!

Alright, Im gonna send some photos now! Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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