Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 49: The little perks of my job!

Hey everybody!!

Its been a super good week here in Amador Bueno. Ive had a ton of new experiences this week, and as for the things that Im used to doing, theres a TON of good things happening here in my area!! So lets just start with my top investigators:

Juliana, Joyce: We went to teach Juliana about the Word of Wisdom, likely the hardest thing for her to accomplish. We were waiting to mark a date with her until we knew if she had any addictions. However, as we were teaching, she told us that she has almost completely stopped smoking already, and when I said, "So, will you live this commandment of God?", she simply responded, "Yes, I will be baptized!" WE have a date marked for this Saturday with her, and we will likely baptize her daughter, Joyce, with her. Miracles!!

Angelica, Rose, Carina (new!): Various members of a scattered-out family. They have friends/family that are members, and Angelica and Carina have already visited the church a ton in the past. But we had a family night with them, and they were INCREDIBLY interested in our message. THeyre gonna pray about being baptized, and we know that theyll have great answers. Next week, Ill likely talk about them individually, because they all live in different places, but they have a ton of potential!

Vania, Jose (new!)- So, its a bit hard for me to talk about this married couple. As Ill talk about soon, Ive been outside of my area a lot this week. But, Elder Baron says that they accepted dates for the 3rd of August, and they seem super cool. From what Ive heard. Ive never talked to them before. Im writing about them to you guys on faith.

Other notes:
So, Im already doing a ton of divisions this last week, and Im doing a ton more this week. (Basically, thats where I work with another missionary in another area.) But, Ive had a ton of success thus far. On my first division, I went with an Elder X. Soares to visit a less active member. He was super cool, told us that he wants to return to church, bought us pizza, and then he gave me a brand new belt for free! And on my second division, I worked with an Elder Kelley, and I did my first 3 baptismal interviews! The first one I had to help out because she was having last minute doubts. Luckily, I was able to help her calm down, and at least accept to be baptized next weekend. They had another person that wasnt quite ready yet, and a third person that was super duper ready! AND this last kid ended up liking me and giving me a free (super fancy) Adidas watch! So, its the little perks that make my job better. Also, helping people come unto Christ and be baptized ;)

Also, this area is HUGE. Im not joking. Its HUGE. Luckily, 99% of what we do, weve managed to control our area of work to a couple of neighborhoods (because we basically have half of the neighborhoods between São Paulo and Sorocaba), but we unfortunately cant control where our lunches live. So, perhaps I walked 25 km just to get to and from lunch on Wednesday. 4 hours of just walking. My legs are dead.

Alright, this LAN House is better, so Ill send some pics! I love you all! Thank you! Até próxima semana!

Elder Youd

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