Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 48: Greetings from Amador Bueno!!

Hey everybody!!
Thats right...after 6 months in Júlio de Mesquita, I've finally left Sorocaba, and I am in a brand new area!! My new area, as I had said last week, is Amador Bueno. Its part of a city called Itapevi, which lies directly on the outskirts of São Paulo. So, in this moment, I am kinda working in São Paulo, kinda no. BUT the area is very São Paulo-like, much like my first area, Vila Medeiros. There are a decent amount of hills here, so Ill have to remember how to climb hills again.
But honestly, this area has A TON of potential. There are a ton of people here who are ready to receive this gospel. The only problem is, the Elder that was here last transfer appears to have been burnt out of missionary work (and with only 1 year and 3 months in the field,) so he didnt do anything here. But luckily, his companion that is now my companion, Elder Baron, was wanting to work a ton last transfer, and for this we're here to work together. Weve been working our buns off this week, and we plan on continuing, because its bringing a ton of results!
Here are our top investigators (all new!):
Juliana, Joyce: Old investigators that Elder Baron had dropped in the past. President Farnes called everybody and said that he received inspiration that we should all try and visit some old investigators, so he remembered these two people, a mother and daughter that were dropped as investigators about a month ago because they werent doing anything. Lo and behold, we went there, and Juliana had been reading the Book of Mormon without us marking a part for her to read, and she had stopped smoking, and she said that everything here is true! Now, we only need to work with her on her fear of baptism (something Im used to working with, if you all remember Joelson), so she and her daughter should be baptized soon!!
Luana: Another investigator, about 25-30 years old, that knows that everything is true. The only problem that we have with her is that she appears to be slightly unmotivated in action, so we have to help her get motivated to go to church and get baptized. But, she has potential.
Jessica, Benê: a sister and a mother-in-law of an old investigator that we were trying to visit. We started to teach them, and within 10 minutes, Benê had mentioned that she wants to be baptized in a true church, that she misses her son that passed away recently, and that she wants to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, I do believe that spells "Elect"! They werent able to go to church this week, but were gonna keep on working with them to get them excited for baptism!

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