Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 11: I literally have no clever subject this week, because nothing happened

Hey folks,

Sorry that my letter this week isnt going to be horribly exciting. Im at a different computer cafe (called Lan Houses here) than we usually go to, because I can only crutch so far, so I cant send pictures, audio recordings, or use the English keyboard setup, so excuse my lack of apostrophes. But luckily, there really isnt much to talk about this week. On Tuesday, we had a mission meeting about emotional health in the mission, which was nice, although it was funny to hear the different opinions of Sister Martins ("If you start feeling depressed, you need to do things to become healthy!") and President Martins ("Of course theres going to be stress, youre on a freaking mission.") But aside from that, absolutely nothing happened this week. Because we could only have lessons when we had members that could drive us, we had one lesson this week, where Marcia and Anderessa said that they werent ready for baptism yet because they wanted to learn more, although they fully believe in the message of the restoration, so they will eventually be baptized, or so I have faith. Aside from this, Ive spent most of my time studying, sleeping, and writing (many of you should expect letters this week.)

This is literally my entire week. Im going to the doctor tomorrow to see if my ankle is better (I hope so!) and then Ill be back on the streets, preaching and trying to pick up our lost ground with our investigators.

So Ill spend the rest of my time emailing individuals! Thanks for all the support everybody! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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