Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 14: The colonoscopy of missionary work

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Oi everybody!!

It feels like it was just 6 days ago that I was writing my last email. If any part of it didn't make exact sense, I do apologize. I was at the back end of a ridiculously long day, and I'll admit that I wasn't focused at all at what I was saying. So if I confessed my love to any of you, I am sorry. Unless you're cute and not related to me, in which case I meant every word that I said.

This week was a pretty good week. We're learning quickly how to work with EF/three people in general, and we're starting to get the hang of it. Honestly, there are fun parts to having three people, including the beauty that is voting when all of us have different opinions. Arguments are resolved so much easier, especially since none of us have made alliances yet. So for now, it's good. And it only took a little bit of time to clean the house this morning. I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor right now, but that's okay because I'm used to it. I slept on a mattress on the floor/a couch for a year and a half. I'm a man.

We didn't find a lot of new people this week, but we did get a lot of progress with a lot of our investigators. We decided to focus more on getting our people to pray and come to church. As far as coming to church, we only got 2 people (it was raining Sunday morning, and everybody walks to church. Curse you, Mother Nature.) But almost all of our investigators prayed!!

We have 2 investigators in particular that are very good, the ones that came to church. The first is Patricia. We had a date with her for the 16th, but it fell because of technical things. But we talked to her last night, and she's getting baptized the 30th! Her friend that introduced her to the church, Lucinaura, already told her about everything she needs to know, so that was the easiest commandments lesson I've ever given. "Do you know about the Word of Wisdom?" "Yeah, that's where we don't drink, smoke, do drugs, and we avoid tea and coffee, right?" "...yeah." So she is elect. The other person that came to church was Elinede. Elinede had her first lesson on Saturday, where she immediately told us that she has problems with depression and bipolar. But she said that she believes in our message. We got her to say that she'd come to church, but the moment we finished the prayer, she said that she shouldn't, because people would judge the fact that her teeth weren't very good (She got the idea from her husband, who sounds like a tool.) But we calmed her down, and the next day, when we went to pick her up, she was already to go! Pray for Patricia and Elinede this week!

Alright, this keyboard is sticky and we're trying out a new Lan House, so I'm gonna stop now and try and learn how to attach pictures and other files. Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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