Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 13: I'm so sorry Mom!!!

This is the subject of my email this week, because I owe about a million apologies to my mother. This week, our time for emailing changed because all of the missionaries went to the temple today. And i didn't realize that i wouldn't be emailing on monday until last wednesday. i was going to send my mom a quick email monday night, but our days have been ridiculously busy this week, and i got caught up. So i'm going to write a short email this week, dedicating a good portion of time apologizing to her for a long period of time. If any of you see my mom, tell her that I said sorry. This is not a joke. If you see her, tell her, "Elder Youd says that he's sorry, he's an idiot, and he made a giant mistake. And he'll never ever ever ever do it again." I'm serious on this. 3 "ever"s. Anyone that emails me saying that they told her will get a special surprise from me, from Brazil.

This week was good. On monday night, ECG and I got the call that we weren't being transferred, which is normal for new missionaries, who generally stay with their trainer for 12 weeks...however, on Tuesday night, at 10:35 pm (after we're supposed to be in bed), President Martins called us. He said that a new batch of American missionaries surprised him at the office door, and that he needs a place for them. That's right. I'm working in a trio this transfer. Our new person is Elder Fields (From now on, EF, or ef today because this shift key is awful). Ef is from arizona, had 12 weeks in Frezno CA while waiting for his visa, and is a bit strange, but has a good spirit. And he speaks absolutely awful Portuguese, which gives me comfort in my ability.

Our week has been crazy since then. Non stop contacting and lessons, and a lot of super highs and lows. At one point last week, we had 9 people with baptismal dates. As of right now, we only have 6, but we still have hope for these people. We have Gustavo, a kid who has interest, and a family of 5, that we'll have to work pretty hard for, but they have potential. So pray for them, as well as Marcio, another investigator who came to church, but has problems because his wife loves her church!!

Alright, I was serious about this week being a short letter. I'll write to some of you, but I've gotta write to my mom. Seriously, if you see her, tell her that. That is what you can do to help the missionary work. That, and pray for my investigators and write to me. 

Thanks everybody!

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