Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 10: "He's been to Disney." "AAHHH!!!"

The subject this week is referring to when ECG and I were walking down the street, and we started talking to some little kids. As per usual, they were kinda laughing at my accent and pronunciation of my words, until ECG said that I've been to disneyworld. Then, without hesitation, they all started freaking out like crazy and asking me questions about Disney. I officially know how to impress little kids here. Win for the week.

Oi everybody!

This has literally been among the 10 strangest weeks in my life. So many up and down moments, and so I don't really know how I'm feeling. Here are the main points:

We got 4 baptism commitments in 3 days.

But we lost Jessica, our other baptism commitment.

But then we got 1 more!

But she's crazy.

But I'm feeling good!

But then Andre fell as well, and I've been teaching him since day 1.

And then I broke my ankle.

Why yes, this has been quite the week. The 4 baptism commitments come from a family and one other person. The family is absolutely amazing. We found the mom, Marcia, and her daughter Anderessa on the street. And they have one other girl, Amanda. And all of them committed to baptism! Unfortunately, Anderessa wasn't able to attend church this week, so we might have a problem with that, but we still have hope. Our other date is Shelder, who has interest and a desire to be baptised. We just need to get him to church first, so we'll see what happens there.

And then we lost Jessica and Andre, both saying that they were going in other directions. But I don't feel like talking about them.

And yes, I broke my ankle this week. I was walking down a hill, and I tripped. My ankle hurt, but not terribly. So we went back to the house, and called Sister Martins. She said for us to go to the hospital regardless, which was probably a good idea, because my ankle is actually a little bit broken! So next week won't be too exciting, since I can only go to teach when we have a car. Luckily, I'll only have this cast on for 10 days, so don't worry about me.

Sorry I don't have any pictures or audio this week. I'm at the mission office right now to talk about my ankle, and we have some sort of meeting tomorrow, so I didn't bring my camera or recorder with me. But rest assured, this week I will be writing to many people (To whom I have addresses). And now, since I don't know if I have a full hour of writing or not, I'll respond to individual emails (including probably calming my mother quite a lot.)

Obrigado! Boa semana!
Elder youd

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