Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 74: "Thanks for baptizing me...sorry, whats your name?"

Hey everybody!

So, it has been a CRAZY week for us this week. Weve been working our tail ends off, and it seems to be going right! We even had...a baptism this week! Here we go with the details!!
Pedro: WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!! It was actually a very welcome surprise to us. He was progressing really well, until we taught him about the word of wisdom. At that point, he was very hesitant to even listen to us, saying that coffee doesnt offend God (And then going off on other tangents, he's very old and his mind wanders a lot.) Not knowing exactly what to do, we did a "Hail Mary", or in other words, we decided to interview him to see if we could get him miraculously baptized. And, believe it or not, he opened up more to the interviewer, and said, "I dont understand this commandment right now...but perhaps in the future, I will. So, ill cut the coffee." And, he was baptized this Sunday! It was a very nice baptism, and even funnier when he thanked us: "Thank you both for baptizing me...sorry, whats your name? Elder? And his name? Elder too? Youre both Elder! Thats cool!" We helped baptize a man that didnt know our names. I suppose thats Christlike service, not looking for recognition? But, it was cool!

Rodrigo: Kinda going off the deep end. Spending a lot more time with a "lady friend", so its harder to find him at home. We'll try and work a miracle with him this week.

Alessandra: Still firm, still following, still wants to be baptized. But, before she can, she just needs to cut a few little things from her life. But, luckily she has desire, so we're still working with her.

Antônio, Alessandra (2), Lizandra (new!): Thats right, Im currently teaching 2 alessandras. Theyre a family that have been coming to church. Legally married, good people, have a desire to follow Christ. The wife is a bit reluctant about baptism, but theyre doing well in progressing. We'll see how we can help them. And Lizandra is the 10 year old daughter.

Other notes:

Apparently Im getting this week something thats known as a "Trunky Card", which is basically the card that you get when youre getting close to the end of your mission, to plan travel stuff, etc. So...thats weird. Its hard to think of other things when the idea exists that my mission is ending, sooner than I think.

Alright, Ill send pics of Pedros baptism! Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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