Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 73: Welcome to 2015!!!

Hey everybody!

Thats right...the time has come...ITS 2015!!! I am so so exicted that this year has arrived! It was a good week for me, although as any returned missionary knows, it was weird, seeing as it was New Years. Nobody was home, and yet it felt like i was busier than normal. But, it was alright. We had New Years Eve lunch with the Stake President, celebrated the day by going to the Walmart that exists in Itú (Ive never been in such awe about a Walmart before this week,) and we welcomed in the new year...waking up for 10 minutes as the fireworks in the town went off, and then promply returning to sleep. It wass a calmer New Year, but...ITS 2015!!!!! AHHH!!! :D

Its weird, when 2014 arrived, I thought to myself, "Well, Im gonna end this year the same way that I started it: doing missionary work in Brazil." Its very weird to think that I will end this year back in the US, unless I travel. But seeing as Ive been traveling for 2 years, itll likely be in the US.

But, heres some info about our top investigators!!

Alessandra: By a miracle, we found Alessandra this week, to be interviewed for baptism. She was calm about all of the commandments and such, but just asked for 1 week to tell her family her plans to be baptized. But, she seems firm for this weekend. Please pray for Alessandra!

Pedro: We talked to him on Tuesday, and taught him the Word of Wisdom. He put up a giant argument about how God doesnt frown on people drinking coffee, how hes sure that there are people at church that are secretly drinking it, etc. But, when we invited him to live it, he was like, "yeah, thats fine. I can live it." So...hes still a surprise to us. And because he was out of town for this weekend, we'll interview him this week and remark his baptism.

Rodrigo: Was interviewed, by a very strange surprise didnt pass. It seems like he has a secret life that we'll have to talk to him about. But, we'll see what happens.

Other notes:

Seeing as I have 5-6 months left on my mission, Ive decided to do something crazy: read ALL of the standard works (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, etc.) before I get home in English, and finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese again (O Livro de Mórmon), all before I get home. So, starting from last Monday (I got a headstart), heres where I am:

Old Testament: Numbers 23
O Livro de Mórmon: Alma 48

Alright, thanks for everything everybody!! I hope that everybody has a great week! Ill try and send some pics!! Love you!!

Elder Youd

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