Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 71: I shall return, for you, my love.../Welcome to Itú!/Merry Christmas 2014!

...on Christmas day. (Just a bit of cheesy Christmas music.)/My new area!/Christmas time!

...Ive been in a crisis deciding what title to use for my email this week. So many options. Just pick which one you want.

Hey everybody!

So, I am here in my new area, Itú! Although Ive only been here a few days, I  am LOVING it here! There are some details about the city in my voice recording (voice recordings work here!!!!!!), but basically, Itú is a touristic city in São Paulo, thats about 400 years old. Its known as the "biggest little city in Brazil" because they have the quirky attitude of making a bunch of big stuff. Theres a park here that I want to visit, filled with abnormally big things. Ive already seen the famous giant stop light in the middle of the city. Its a quirky city, and I love it so far. And, Im getting along well with my new companion, Elder S. Costa, from Natal (translation: hes from Christmas). So, things are good here. 

Unfortunately, my weekly baptizing streak ended, at the last minute. Here are the details of our top investigators (all new!)

Cris: Her details are in the voice recording. Shes the mother of 3 mentally handicapped children, and weve been helping her prepare to be baptized for a long time, and helping her children at the same time. It had been a GIANT war getting her to that point (getting the ward prepped to handle 3 very mentally handicapped kids isnt a small task), but at the last minute, she told us that she wouldnt be baptized, nor would she accept anymore of our visits, because her ex-husband threatened to take her kids away if she was baptized. She wouldnt even open the door for us. Satan works freaking hard, but we'll see if we can talk to her one more time this week.

Pedro: An older man(about 75 years old) that I found on my first day here. We connected immediately, seeing that he was watching a band video when we arrived at his door. As it turns out, he was a band teacher for his whole life, focusing on trombone! So, we started talking about music/trombone for a while, and he has been very receptive. We have a baptismal date marked for January 4, and he went to church this Sunday and said that he liked it a lot! So, here we go!

Rodrigo: A nerdy 25 year old kid thats living with his parents. We dont know a whole lot about him yet, but he accepted a baptismal date. And hes very fun with us and receptive.

Alessandra: A woman that lives with her brother and sister. She had gone to church  a long time ago and loved it, but never returned. Accepted a date for the 4th, and went to church this Sunday.

Other notes:

Its the Christmastime call this week! So, family, heres the plan. I am planning on getting on Google plus at about 3:30 PM here, which would be about 11:30 AM in Missouri. Ill likely be using a members computer in the chapel, so we dont have to be too stressed about incomodating the members. If theres any change, Ill inform you on Christmas eve. My companion will be talking to his family on the 24th, and Ill be in the chapel, so if I need to, Ill inform somebody about the change of plans. But, for now, lets plan on 11:30 AM missouri time. IM SO EXCITED!!! (Its been 7 months since Ive talked to you guys!)

And, as we come to Christmas, let us remember what is truly important about the season, which is the birth of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Go to, and watch the short video He is The Gift. I promise, itll be worth it!

Alright, Merry Christmas everybody!! Thanks for the love and support! Hope that its a good one! Im sure itll be good here!

With love,
Elder Youd

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