Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 72: The last email of 2014. Unless I send an email with pictures.

Hey everybody!!

So, we've finally arrived at the end of the year!! Its been a very fast-paced year, and Im still at a bit of a loss of words that it is already over. On the mission, this is called my "black year", or the year where I start and end the year on a mission. Next year wont be like that, seeing as Im coming home in 5-6 months, which is absolutely crazy-go-nuts. 

So, before I talk about how my Christmas was, lets talk about our top investigators! Here they are:

Pedro: Went to church again this week. Because of Christmas craziness, we were only able to talk to him on Friday and Saturday. But, on Sunday morning, we knocked on his door to give him a ride to church, and nobody was home...because he was already waiting for us on the street. The only problem is that hes 86 years old and sometimes forgets things, so he sometimes goes off on side-tangents and starts talking about random things. But, we have a goal to baptize him this week!!

Alessandra: Also went to church again. She is INCREDIBLY receptive, understanding perfectly everything that we teach. She has a large interest in prophets in our day, and she is excited to be baptized this weekend.

Rodrigo: Also went to church this week. He forgot on Sunday morning, but we woke him up and just told him to come with us. So...he came with us. We have a goal to baptize him this week. Please pray for our investigators!!!

Two days before Christmas, our mission had a Christmas party. It was super fun, filled with a spiritual program, a churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) lunch, talent show, gift exchange, and just a good opportunity to see friends from the mission. Super fun.

And Christmas was very very great! Firstly, I got to talk to my family!!! It was awesome to be able to talk to them and see how theyre doing personally. Its weird, the next time that I call them will be 3 weeks before I go home, so that is a weird realization that my mission is going by so quickly. But, aside from talking to my family, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day visiting members and receiving a bunch of food, and avoiding the hot of the Brazilian summer sun as much as possible. And, I received some gifts from people! Lilian, my recent convert from Jaraguá, was nice enough to send me a white shirt for Christmas. And, my mom sent me some great things for Christmas, including a mission countdown calendar. So yes, I do know exactly how many days I have left on my mission.

Alright, I hope you guys have a great new year! Thanks for all of your love and support! Until 2015!

Elder Youd

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