Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 77: Still trucking along!

Hey everybody!

So, its been a kinda odd week for us this week. My companion and I had set a goal to not let this week be like normal end-of-the-transfer weeks (a bit calmer, less success, more of a transition period), but aside from our best efforts, it ended up being such in results. 

So, yes, we do know the transfers! Elder S. Costa is going to Sorocaba to train a new missionary and finish his mission, and I'll be staying here. My new companion is Elder Carr. We actually already lived together for 2 transfers in Júlio de Mesquita, and we were both District Leaders in the same zone at the same time when I was in Amador Bueno, so it'll be a super fun transfer! We'll see how everything goes!

Some info about our top investigators (even though we're gonna be working in a different part of the area soon, so we won't be working too much with these people anymore):

Rodrigo: He gave us an excuse as to why he disappeared suddenly, saying that he had to help his lady friend at the last minute with her new apartment (an "emergency"). We remarked him for baptism for this weekend, but we'll see what happens. If this continues too much more, we really wont be able to help him keep commitments.

Vera: She passed the baptismal interview, and said that, if everything went right, she'd be baptized this Sunday. We talked to her husband, who supported her in this decision as well. Unfortunately, a couple women from her apartment complex that attend the church that Vera attended saw that we were talking to her. When we went to pick Vera up Sunday morning, the 2 women were waiting outside her door, and started screaming at us about how she's only doing this things because we insist, that she doesnt want to talk to us anymore, how her Pastor will decide whats best for her, etc. Vera started talking to us, and started prepping to go to church, but they told us (literally): "You arent letting her decide! Youre forcing her to do something that she doesnt want to do!" and then to her (literally): "No, Vera. You will talk to the pastor, and if HE gives you permission, you can go to church with them. Only after you get permission from the pastor." Then, another person opened their window and said, "Vera, dont go with them! You dont know what youre doing!" So, we didnt have much of a choice but to leave. We'll go back this week, ready for anything to happen. It was intense, especially for 8:30 AM.

Other notes:

We had a multi-zone conference this week, and we had the privilege of seeing the movie Meet the Mormons! It was the first time that the film was being shown with Portuguese overdubs ever (President Farnes has connections), and it was super cool!

We did have some people at church this week, and one that we knew...on Friday, we were in the park, and we saw a homeless guy dressed up as a wizard. He yelled to us, "Hey Elders! Im gonna go to church this week!" And...he went. Not as a wizard (which wouldve been awesome), but it was still cool. But we wont be able to contact him, because we dont know what street he lives on. ;)

ALright, thanks for everything! Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Youd

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