Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 75: The countdown is official. 177 days

Hey everybody!

Its been a pretty crazy week for me. Ill be quite honest with you, I wont have a lot to say about my investigators this week, because Ive basically been outside of my area from Tuesday until Saturday morning, making short stops at home to change clothes and things like that. Its been a pretty nuts week, but weve got some good things going for us!! Heres the info (That I have) about our investigators:

Rodrigo: Is actually doing really good. Was interviewed again, passed, and is seeming really cool about baptism this weekend. Came to church yesterday. We'll see what happens.

Alessandra: Is starting to fall down a bit. She quit her job so that she could have a freer schedule (including Sundays), but now shes been using the last 2 Sunday mornings to visit her mom. So, we'll see what happens there.

Vera (new): Kind of a crazy lady that is weirdly progressing. She talks like Audrey Hepburn at the beginning of My Fair Lady (Before she gets talking lessons) and says a lot of weird things, but by a surprise, went to church this Sunday. So...we'll see what happens with her.

Other notes:

I have my official release date. There was a bit of confusion with a lot of people, based on some rules that exist here, but we finally figured out that I'll be getting on a plane and returning home on July 14, which is in 177 days! So, all of you that are missing me a ton, start counting down!

Ill have to send some legit pictures today. Theres a famous park here in Itú, where there are a bunch of abnormally large things. So, we were early for lunch one day, and we had 30 minutes, and we were right next to this park, and I had my camera with me. So...I have pictures with some abnormally large objects. (thatll make up for the shortness of this email.)

My companion and I are starting a new project, working for the Stake President. Starting on February 1, we're gonna go to a ward in the stake every Sunday to give a training on how members can help with missionary work. So, thisll be kinda crazy but cool for us. We'll see how it goes. 
Alright, Ill talk to you all later! Love you!

Elder Youd

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