Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 76: Not EVERY week can be a successful one!

Hey everybody!

So, its been a pretty interesting week for us this week. Actually, I dont know if "interesting" is the right word, but it was a week. Unfortunately, it was a rougher week with less success for us, but not everything is going bad!! Here are some details about our top investigators:

Rodrigo: The pervert ditched us the day of his baptism! Actually, we had marked for him to be baptized on Saturday morning. Friday night, we follow up with him and ask if hes still good, and he replies positively. So, we fill up the baptismal font on Friday night, but on Saturday morning, he calls and asks to move it to Sunday because he has to go to the hospital (he had food poisoning.) We move it to Sunday. 9 AM Sunday morning, we go to his house with a ride, and he answers and says that the doctors found something else, so he has to do a urine test, and asks for us to come back at 10:30. We make the mistake of saying that we'll come back, instead of waiting with him. And, when we come back at 10:30, his dad answers the door and says that Rodrigo went out at 9:30 to hang out with a lady friend. Despite our best efforts, we werent able to get ahold of him. So, we'll see what happens this week. Theres not much more that we can do to help him, but perhaps he'll have a final change of heart this week.

Alessandra: Her father unexpectedly passed away this week, so weve mostly been helping her cope through this. Per her request, we went with her to the funeral, which was a very unique and humbling experience. We'll see if we can continue working with her this week. Usually when things like this happen, people either turn much more receptive to act and change, or they shut down for a time. So either we'll see a lot of progress soon with her, or we'll have to stop focusing so much on her, just visiting her enough to know that we havent abandoned her.

Antônio, Alessandra: A bright point for the week. We had practically dropped them as investigators, but they called us and asked us to visit, and theyre a LOT more receptive! Alessandra is letting us help her calm down and become more comfortable with baptism, accepting a goal for this weekend! We'll see what happens!!

Vera: Went to church again. Said that it was just alright, again. Shes kind of a crazy surprise, so we'll see what happens with her.

Other notes:

This week will start our 8 week Zone Tour, giving trainings to every ward and branch in the Stake. Our Stake President likes us a lot, and weve become close with him. I also spoke at Stake Priesthood Conference yesterday, as an introduction to our Tour. And then, as the Stake President was talking, he said a lot to help us out, and also said that "We can trust in them, even if Elder Youd is a Missouri redneck." So, now Im the famous redneck missionary, so thats cool.

Alright, thanks for all your love and support! Love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Youd

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